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November 18th, 2019

Nitty Gritty

Here's a quick summary of what's happening at MMA. Scroll to the end for full details regarding these events and more information!
  • Contact René ASAP to volunteer your flatbed trailer and/or truck to make a light parade float.
  • Eat dinner at Pizza Pie Cafe Monday and earn MMA $.
  • Volunteer at MAPA Gratitude Feast Thursday 12-3pm.
  • Attend Junior High Parent Teacher Conferences Thursday and Friday 3-7pm.
  • Visit International Festival for 1st - 6th graders Friday 1-3pm.

Save the Dates in Nov & Dec:


21-22--Junior High Parent-Teacher Conferences 3:00-7:00pm

21--MAPA Gratitude Feast @ 12:00pm, volunteers needed

22--International Festival 1-3pm, all families invited

30--Ogden Lights Parade - Downtown, 5pm


6--MAPA Meeting @ 8:45am

9--Elementary Concert & School-wide Art Show @ 5:30pm

10--Box Top Store (11:00am-1:00pm)

11--Junior High Concert @ 5:30pm

12--Junior High Play @ 5:30pm

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Thank you!

Thank you for your support during the Booster Fun Run Fundraiser!! You all raised over $10,000 for MMA to purchase infrastructure for the gym (like stage curtains and bleachers)!! We will have exact numbers when all the donations come in this week.

Thank you to those families who came out to cheer on the students. Also, thank you to parents, Lauren Pejza and Taylor Monsen. for their photography expertise. Some of Lauren's photos are featured below.

The Fun Run is MMA's main fundraiser. We try very hard to keep our fundraising simple, low-maintenance, but impactful. We believe we found a winning partnership with Booster. We would like to thank the Booster staff for being in our building, teaching character lessons, supervising recess, having carpool dance parties, and helping out in any way they can.

Remember, MMA is closed all next week for Thanksgiving. We hope to see you at the Ogden Lights Parade! We wish you a safe, relaxing break filled with super fun family time!


Ms. Dana

  1. What three traits define you? Dedicated, resilient, and passionate

  2. What would you like to be your greatest accomplishment? Making sure ALL students get an equal education and the education that they deserve.

  3. What's one thing you couldn't live without? My family and the Patriots.

  4. What is one thing you cannot resist? Ice cream and coffee

  5. What is your favorite thing to do? I like to watch football and spend time outdoors doing things like paddle boarding, boating, and kayaking.

  6. Where is the most interesting place you've traveled to and why? I enjoyed visiting New York City and Pennsylvania because I liked being able to see our history and go sight seeing. Amish country was amazing.

  7. Who is your biggest inspiration? My mother is inspiring because I've never known anyone who has been through what she's been through and is still standing strong. She doesn't let anything take her down. She's strong and supportive; she supports me no matter what.

  8. What advice do you have for kids who are struggling at school? Never give up! Don't let people say that you can't do something; always believe in yourself and believe that you can.

  9. How do you define success? Success is depends on each individual person; I define success is if you are happy and content in your life and what you've accomplished.

Ms. Sharon

1. What three traits define you? Honest, loyal, positive

2.What would you like to be your greatest accomplishment? My greatest accomplishment would be to know I made the world a better place.

3. What's one thing you could not love without? Books.

4. What is the one thing you cannot resist? Homemade sugar cookies

5. What is your favorite thing to do? Make others happy.

6. Where is the most interesting place you've traveled to and why? I enjoyed visiting Washington D.C. because I love learning about the history of our country.

7. Who is your biggest inspiration? My husband, my family, my relatives, my friends.

8. What advice do you have for kids who are struggling at school? Don't take it so seriously. Have fun learning!

9. How do you define success? When I help other succeed.

International Festival Friday

Elementary students are presenting their International Festival projects this Friday, November 22nd from 1-3pm. All families are invited!

All visitors will need to sign in at the front office. If you plan on taking your child home early on Friday, please inform your child's teacher and properly sign them out on the front office - which includes showing your ID.

Student of the Month

Leyla Householder is an 8th grader at Maria Montessori Academy who excels academically and always has a smile on her face. She is a fantastic role model and is a member of our school's Hope Squad. She has been selected as a mentor for new students and is willing to go the extra mile when asked. She ran on our Cross Country team and set a personal best this season. Leyla does not have an unkind word to say about others and is not only a joy to have in the classroom, but also an all-around awesome person!

Junior High Conferences Thurs & Fri

All junior high teachers will be at school on November 21st and 22nd from 3-7pm for parent teacher conferences. It will be open house style where all teachers will have a table set-up in a common area. You can meet with any and all of your child's junior high teachers without an appointment. You may have to wait your turn to speak to a teacher, however, if there is someone already at their table. We encourage every family to attend and bring your junior high student for true collaboration.
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Volunteers Needed for the Ogden Lights Parade!

If you have a flatbed trailer that we can borrow to build our float and/or a big truck to hold children in the back and pull that float - please email or stop by to talk to René ASAP!

The parade theme is "Are you Yeti for Christmas" and MMA's float theme is "Yeti for the World" because MMA prepares students to take on the world.

We are seeking volunteers to help assemble the float Friday, November 29th in the evening and put the final touches on Saturday, November 30th in the morning. We are also seeking elementary students to ride the float and junior high students (and parents) to walk in the parade and hand out swag. Float riders/walkers will meet us in downtown Ogden at 5pm on November 30th. We will have a sign-up sheet out soon for float riders/walkers to make sure we have room for everyone.

Early Childhood Fun Run

Lower Elementary Fun Run

Upper Elementary Fun Run

Ms. Stacey's & Ms. Jalee's Class Won the Slime

Junior High Color Run

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Carpool & Crosswalk Protocol

When dropping your child off at school during carpool, always pull all the way forward every time and get tight behind the car in front of you. Do not stop before the crossing guard puts up their sign for you to stop. Do not stop right at the front doors to drop off your child - even when it's raining or snowing.

Pedestrians should only cross through the carpool lanes at the crosswalk with white lines at the front doors of school. This is for safety purposes as cars do not expect there to be people walking outside of the crosswalk.

Please watch the crossing guards, wearing safety yellow/orange, and follow their directions.

Drop Off and Pick Up - Please Be Prompt

Please plan to drop off your children before 8:30am each morning. Students need time to get into school, put their coats and backpacks in their lockers - so they can be in class, ready to learn by 8:30am. Students who are late to school miss key instruction.

On the flip side, please pick up your children promptly after school at 3pm. Staff have meetings and other obligations after school - making it difficult to supervise children. Also, some children get upset and anxious when they don't see their rides right away. If you experience an emergency and will be late to pick up your child, please call the office so we can let your children know.

Wellness Policy Guidelines

Please refrain from bringing treats (like cupcakes) when your child is having their celebration of life / birthday celebration during school. Our wellness guidelines state that we do not use food in school as a reward/punishment and also do not have families celebrate birthdays with food.

As a reminder, these guidelines also prohibit soda and energy drinks in school. We also discourage any type of juice in lunches that is a dark color in order to keep our carpets stain-free.

Dove Award Nomination

Nominate a Maria Montessori Academy staff member to be recognized with The Dove. This honor will be bestowed quarterly. We want to acknowledge individuals at MMA who

-- are partners in peace and model peaceful practices.

-- honor the individual spirit of the child.

-- support the development of the whole child.

-- promote student growth.

-- collaborate with other stakeholders.

-- possess a growth mindset.

-- value diversity.

-- love and give of themselves in service to others.

-- uphold the ideals and philosophies of Dr. Maria Montessori.

Any staff member at MMA is eligible and may be nominated for this special recognition. Nominations may be shared with the nominee and/or larger community. Complete the nomination form online before the November 22nd, 2019 deadline.

Seeking Art Supply Donations

The MMA Art room is in need of art supplies. These materials will benefit ALL students of MMA from Early Childhood through Junior High. If you are willing to donate any supplies, this would be greatly appreciated!

  • Gallons of tempera paint

  • Elmer’s glue

  • Canvas (new or used)

  • Wood panels

  • Broken shelves

  • Paper- any kind of paper (colored, resume, white, etc.)

  • Airdry clay

  • Tape- general, duct tape, packing tape

  • Book making supplies- if you have experience with this material and you can donate please contact Ms. Andria.

  • Anything that you think of of recycling, please contact Ms. Andria first before recycling to see if she would be interested in using these for the art classes.

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Aggression or Anxiety Article

When anxiety in children look like anger, tantrums, or meltdowns.

Montessori Lingo

Do you ever wonder what your child is talking about when they come home? What is this lingo that they are speaking? This is a great resource of Montessori terminology a library of terms:


Recognizing that "the longer one does attend to a topic the more mastery of it one has," the great American psychologist William James remarked, "An education which should improve this faculty would be the education par excellence." (1892/1985, p. 95). Montessori, who knew of James, set out to do just that. She believed that if environments could be prepared with "objects which correspond to . . . formative tendencies" (1949/1967, p. 169) the child's energy and interest would be come focused on that aspect of the environment which corresponded to the developmental need.

Mixed Ages

One of the hallmarks of the Montessori method is that children of mixed ages work together in the same class. Age groupings are based on developmental planes. Children from 3-6 years of age are together in the Children's House; 6-9 year old share the lower elementary, the upper elementary is made up of 9-12 year olds, and adolescence is children aged 13-16.

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18--Elementary Parent-Teacher Conference Sign-ups Open

18--Pizza Pie Cafe Spirit Night

21-22--Junior High Parent-Teacher Conferences 3:00-7:00pm

21--MAPA Gratitude Feast @ 12:00pm - volunteers needed

22--International Festival 1-3pm - all families invited

25--Pizza Pie Cafe Spirit Night

25-26--Teacher Compensation Day; No School

27-29--Thanksgiving Break; No School

30--Ogden Lights Parade


6--MAPA Meeting @ 8:45am

9--Elementary Concert @ 5:30pm

10--Elementary Play @ 5:30pm

11--Junior High Concert @ 5:30pm

12--Junior High Play @ 5:30pm

17-19--Elementary Parent-Teacher Conferences; Early Release

17-19--Book Fair/ PTC Meals provided for teachers/staff

20--Professional Development; No School

23-3--Winter Break; No School

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