DSF (Derek's Ship Finder)

Where ship finding is at it's best

Welcome to the new simple way of finding ships!

Are you wanting a easier way to get yourself a ticket on a cruise? Well your search ends here! No more useless facts that get you nowhere and waste your time. Here, you are asked only what is needed. Best of all, we list all the ships that fit you with not one, not two, but all the ratings on all the websites that rate ships! So if one site rating says it is good, but it really isn't, this will let you know so you get on a good ship, not a bad one.

It's this easy!

How do I get started?

Easy, enter your info below and you will be done in no time!

Why choose here?

Like evrey buissness, this has some compitions, so you are problely wondering "How is this place is special compared to others?". Well we have 3 answers to that one question

  1. It is free to find your tickets
  2. It's easy to get what you need
  3. We are open online with no shutdowns 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

When will this start up?

That depends. We will need about

$300 (website)

$1500 (Advertising)

$1000 (Server)

$2800 (Total)

$2,800 is earned from 700 tickets.

Don't worry, we understand this is a lot. If you would like to invest, your name will be put on the credits list filled with everybody that donated to help us. (See "Support rewards" for more information) Plus, we will return all the money you invested over time. This might take a while, but you will get it.

What will it cost you?

If you mean by investing, you can choose from how much you want to invest and with any price that fits you! If you mean as a customer, than your free! The cost comes from the $5 fee from the ship company you buy a ticket for.

Support Rewards

As a thanks for investing if you choose to do so, below shows you your rewards:

  • $100 = Shown on credits
  • $200 = Shown on credits and get a free "I helped DSF" shirt in any size you choose
  • $300 = Shown on credits, get a free "I helped DSF" shirt in any size you chose, and a free interview with me in person
  • +$400 = Shown on credits with golden letters, get two free "I helped DSF" in any size you choose, get a free interview with me in person, and a selfie with me

If you do not want to do something, then you do not need to. There are things we will be willing to do if your investment reaches each range.

Any other questions?

For more information, visit www.dsf.com for answers.