McElyea's Minute

KHS PLC Weekly Newsletter December 19, 2014

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How can I incorporate writing in my instruction?

Bell Ringers
  • Example: Provide a "worked" problem and have students explain the steps, justify or defend the solution.

Entrance and Exit Slips

  • Example: Square - Triangle - Circle, Students write things that are "square in their mind". They write three things they learned and what is still "circling" in their mind.

Incorporate a reflective question on an assessment

  • Example: What are you happy that you did in class this past six weeks? What are your goals for next six weeks?

Never Sometimes Always

  • A square never has a curved side. A parallelogram is sometimes a square. The angles of a square are always 90 degrees.

Other strategies include:

It Says...I Say...So...

Somebody Wanted But So (Summarizing)

Analogies: ___________ is like ___________ because _____________________.

RAFT (creative writing) - see picture below

Always look for Titles, Graphs, Media, etc. included with the text

Drawing conclusions requires deductive reasoning (general to specific)

Making inferences requires inductive reasoning (specific to general-the big idea)

Place Matting - see picture below

Frayer Model - see picture below

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Guiding Questions

  1. How are we supporting each other?
  2. Are students seeing a connection?
  3. Are their common vocabulary words?
  4. Are we speaking the same language?
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  1. Ask a Recall Question
  2. Follow it with a Probing Question
  3. Conclude with a Universal Theme Question - Students make connections.

Upcoming Dates to Note...

Week of December 22nd and 29th - Christmas Holiday

Week of January 5th

  • PLCs meet at regularly scheduled times
  • Data Meetings for Biology, Chemistry, US History, and ALG II
  • ENG I, II, and III prep for Spring Benchmark

Week of January 12th

  • PLCs will meet at regularly scheduled times in the library with Stacey for Google Drive training
  • Semester Exams
  • Lead Teachers will meet during B lunch on Monday this week
  • Campus Admin Meeting - day & time TBD

Week of January 19th

  • Monday - Holiday
  • Tuesday - Staff Development Day
  • PLCs will meet on Tuesday during SD Day

Week of January 26th

  • ENG I, II, and III Spring Benchmark Window

Pathagorean Therom Displays

Calculus in Action

Students Test Thier Projects in Physics

Christmas Time in Algebra

Chemistry Students Learn about the Elements

What can I do for you?

Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help you. I am here for you!

Christy McElyea, KHS Instructional Specialist

I believe in you.

I believe in our students.

I believe in KHS.

KISD...where every student counts!