Henry Hudson

The Mysterious Explorer Hudson

The Begining

We believed he was born on year 1565. He was an English explorer who wanted to find trade routes to Asia. But instead he found a river in North American that will bring others explorers too. In 1607, Hudson went out on his first journey as fleet commander. He also got Married to a women named Katherine and had three sons. He took four voyages to North American.

The Four Voyages

On the first journey was very icing and cold, they only made to islands near Greenland. But he did see whales for a new hunting frontier. On his second voyage looking for the Northeast Passage. On his third voyage Hudson was working for a Dutch company and decided to go west. He reach ashore Nova Scotia present day Canada. On his fourth voyage on the Discovery, he found the Hudson Strait. He travel south and found a bay named it the Hudson bay.