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IT complexity and proposed management measures And software support.8 Audi, positions A small project is usually little information on the situation , Or there is less use of technology. More information Captured and stored in paper forms and manual analysis Management report on the progress queue management system and results. Within this Position and orientation information technology Managed simply by organizing project information forms, Data collected files and folders for easy reference or Advice. Figure 4. This level of One assumes that the level of Information Module Small manages to project Adequately managed Paper.

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A desktop computer Used to consolidate Reports of a type of data Is printed Supervisors and sent to donors. All Information Hard copies are available A search and indexing Type of project Document Library. 2.5.2 Stage Two, desktop applications The system relies on two -level queue management system desktop applications ( Such as MS Office Suite), and organized the data and produce reports. This level of information is needed in the data set Technology system. Organize information for one or two computers Collected and prepare the necessary reports.

Audi IS- Guidelines cinnappoti Page queue management system 25 Figure 5. Stage Two While the volume is The information Marginally significant, all Physical data is Including but not set A system of production Monthly reports. All Information Stored Computer and physical Files, the reports and other Collecting information Stored on a computer hard drive Disk 2.5.3 Phase Three, Database Applications Stage three decentralized databases easily using more than one computer.

If you queue management system do not have all that much information on the project. This But the arrangement does not meet the requirement will be completely integrated databases Project to create a large amount of data collected through Required information. Figure 6, Phase Three This level of data And welcome to the big stage From various sources Project locations.

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Central Information can be used Integrate information For purposes. All data and Reports stored in the computer. There is less need Records stored in the body. The Information collects data And that creates all the queue management system necessary Reports. 2.5.4 Stage four, Integrated Systems Requires an integrated view of data and information on the status of the four project Processes.

It has all the computers on a network that requires Connected to a central system and data sharing Stores Program data and information. Integrated solutions and May Budget, human resources and other types of data such queue management system as the project, which has And external or secondary data.

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