Uncommon Rainforest Animals

Project based learning -- Chica Burns

It couldn't get WIERDER

The Amazon rainforest has so many amazing creatures in it, and the logging companies don't even care. They are ruining their habitats . THERES GOTTA BE SOMETHING we could do .

But what they don't know

It is believed that in less than 40 years the whole Amazon rainforest will be gone due to loggers and invaders of the rainforest. Every day more and more animals are getting killed or put out of their habitats because they are taking the mahogany , teak , and many more other trees and shipping them to other counties for furniture and other things. But what they don't know is that these amazing creatures are slowly becoming endangered.

Over 2.5 million insect species in the Amazon rainforest

The Jesus what?

That's right They call this lizard the Jesus lizard because he's so awesome he can walk on water. Now I don't know about you but this little guy didn't do anything to me for me to want to get rid of him or his habitat.
Brazil – A natural History

¿Dónde están los animales?

La butterfroguin está a la izquierda del caterpillar, pero la satanic leaf lizard está a la derecha del caterpillar. Todos Los animales están en selva trópical. El selva trópical está en Brasil.

10 simple questions for 10 simple people

1. Do you know what a rainforest is ?

2. Do you know where the largest rainforest is ?

3. Where is the largest rainforest ?

4. Do you know what animals are in the rainforest ?

5. Do you know what animals are endangered ?

6. Do you know the oxygen % the rainforest gives the world ?

7. Do you know how many medicines we get from the rainforest ?

8. Do you know what a shaman is ?

9. Do you know the rainforest is being destroyed ?

10. Which plant kills cancer cells, Cats Claw or Passion Flower ?

Out of ALL 10 people that I asked NONE of them knew not one of these questions ! Not even what a rainforest is, or the animals that are endangering ! While I was asking these questions, I was asking myself how could I acknowledge the fact that a large % of the world doesn't know anything about our beloved rainforest or the amazing creatures in it. But thanks to my teachers and my research I've found the perfect site for you to learn more about it !

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