Supriya's Bucket List

April 2014

rope swinging

I want to go rope swinging in Corona Arch in Moab. It is a physical erosion process in which the wind and sand carve the cannyons into archs.

rope swinging video

World's Most Insane Rope Swing Ever!!! - Canyon Cliff Jump

white water rafting

I want to go white water rafting in

Futaleufú River, Chile. This is a phyisical erosion proccess. the river was created by the water pounding against the rocks.

white water rafting video

White Water Rafting Victoria Falls


I want to go hiking in the Grand canyon. The canyons were formed by a physical erosion process by the wind and sand weathers away the rock into canyons

hiking video

Grand Canyon Hiking: The Bright Angel Trail

Swimming in the Coral Reef

I want to go swimming in the Coral Reef at Queensland,Australia. The Reef is created by physical erosion from the rushing water.

Coral Reef video

Blacktip Sharks Swimming Among Coral Reefs

Exploring caves

I want to to see the caves in the Guadalupe Mountains of southeast New Mexico. The cave was created by the water and soil forming an acid that hollowed it out. This is an chemical erosion.

Cave video

Carlsbad Caverns 2-minute Tour