Love Disease Dispatch

"Will you get the cure?"

By: Cameron Moore

Advice Letter

Dear Bobby John Jr. ,

Yesterday, My daughter walked out of the house really fast and really happy. She told me that she was going to her friend's, Makenna's house. But later that night, i called to see if everything was okay. But Makenna's mom said that my daughter never showed up.i have a really strong feeling that she was with a boy. What should I do?

Dear Mom,

This is Bobby. When I was 17 I fell in love with my now wife. So I never got the cure. Im just fine now. So in my opinion, I say let teenagers be teenagers. But just dont let it get out of hand. But thats what I think about that. But nobody agrees with me.

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A MUST SEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In March 2016 I wouldnt ANY plans. You must go see the movie Delirium. Its based on the hit book by Lauren Oliver. Its about a 17 year old girl named Lena that has always wanted the cure from falling in love. But you have to be 18 to get it so she plans to get it on her birthday. But then she falls for a dreamy guy named Alex. He changes Lena's life forever by making her "infected". But what happens when you get caught??? I guess you will have to watch to figure it out.....

"Will you be the next one to have the disease??"

-Cameron Moore

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Are you living next to an Invalid????

Invalids were know to be a myth. But according to a 10 year old boy named Cayden, he saw one. He was playing baseball and hit the electric fenc. But he noticed that the fence had no shock the ball. So he touched the fence....and nothing happened. So he was dared to climb the fence. When he did he saw a person with red hair and green eyes climbing the fence. It was an invalid. So he told his mom and the person got executed. But if he climbed the fence, the others could have too. So beware who you hang around with.

Is your fence not electrocuting people??

Well give CPM a call. The will fix all your needs. Even if its making a barrier around the whole town. So give us a call....123-987-4567
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