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No tricks with Christ!

October is a interesting month. It is in the intro of fall time with a wonderful mix of warm and cool weather. Just like the weather mix people shift their temperance towards each other. Between Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas the flesh is stimulated to all ends. We must continue to teach and train our youth to exemplify Christ to the fullest. With the upcoming 10th year anniversary we are staged to show what NMCC is all about to the unsaved, unchurched and undernourished. We have updated the fall teaching calendar to accommodate the shift in the Spirit.

The major theme for this month is one Recognizing God's Voice. The minor theme is on Discernment in 2014. If you are unsure of where to go with this theme please let me know so that I can provide for clarity.

New message added in the shared folder.

I began a new series on Voice Control. It takes a stance on hearing and recognizing God's voice in a world full of distractions. It is located in the shared folder. It will be updated this weekend with new information. Be sure to check out this exciting walk through God's Word. Feel free to download it and modify if for your classroom purposes.

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This is the updated calendar for the remainder of the teaching year of 2014. We will begin a new calendar for 2015 in January. You can access this from any mobile device or desktop. Enjoy.

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Teaching schedule this week!

Nursery - Preschool - Eric Poole,

  • -- backup B. Campbell

Elementary ( K - 5th) - Joy Cantey

  • - backup D.Cantey

Middle/High - D. Cantey

  • - C. Jeffries - backup

Youth Ministry Planning - Overview -20 mins

Sunday, Oct. 12th, 11:15am

8 Dundas Cir

Greensboro, NC

We will have a youth ministry planning meeting Immediately after service. We will include our volunteers in this meeting. We need to discuss all of the upcoming anniversary events and Youth leader training session. We will also discuss a possible Hallelujah night - games and movies time.

Need Inspiration? - Look no further

In case you are looking for scriptures or a direction to plan your lesson for the month here is an article full of resources. They have many base scriptures that you may add to your youth message. Feel free to use some of them or all. I hope that God's Holy power flows from on high as you teach with theses anointed scriptures. To God be the Glory!

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Youth Teacher Training

Saturday, Oct. 18th, 10am

8 Dundas Cir

Greensboro, NC

Our training is finally here. We will meet in the Youth class and provide a vital training session for all of proposed teachers. Please avail yourself to arrive on time so that we can leave on time. We will provide many strategies and engaging activities to engage our participants so you don't want to miss this.

Need an activity? Try this REBELS Family Feud.

I created/modified a Family Feud game that is very engaging and interactive. It currently has 10 rounds. It uses the same format as normal Family Feud with the exception of a lighting fast round. I will add that in soon. It is in the Shared folder so when I update it you will see the updates. Feel free to use it. It has Biblical questions mixed in with general knowledge. Ex...( Top ten Disney characters, or Famous Miracles of Jesus) CHECK IT OUT!

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