The Crucible Smore

A Study of Characters


Evaluate 8 different characters

1. John Proctor

2. Elizabeth Proctor

3. Abigail Williams

4. Deputy Governor Danforth

5. (your choice)

6. (your choice)

7. (your choice)

8. (your choice)

CHOICES: Rev. Parris, Rev. Hale, Mary Warren, Thomas Putnam, Ann Putnam, Rebecca Nurse, Giles Corey, Tituba, Betty Parris


1. You must use

2. For each character, you will use a separate text box. The title of the text box will be the character's name. In the text area, you will do the following:

a. Description of the character: (2 to 3 sentences)

b. Character's motivation in the play: (2 to 3 sentences)

c. Significant quote said BY or said ABOUT the character (make sure you use quotation marks around the quote, punctuate it correctly, and tell who the speaker of the quote is)

d. ORIGINAL SIMILE OR METAPHOR with a because statement (ie: John Proctor is like Martin Luther King, Jr. because he is a man who holds steadfast to his beliefs even though they put his life in danger.)

e. Director's choice: If you were the director of a new screen play for The Crucible, who would you cast to play this character?

3. You must include a picture for each character. (You can do this by clicking done in the text box and then clicking on the arrow that appears to the right of the column. It will then bring up a box that allows you to upload a picture you have already saved on your computer. Do a google search ahead of time for pictures of characters you plan to use.)

4. At the bottom, upload a link to one song that you feel embodies the spirit or theme of the play overall. Include one last text box that explains why / how you feel the song does this. Quote at least 2 lyrics from the song as text evidence. (Note: the easiest way to upload songs is by using youtube links. Embed it as a link, not audio.)

5. Be creative. Choose a background on the right. Create a title for the overall project. Proofread your writing for errors. Take pride in your work!


E-mail a link to your smore to

Include your first and last name and class period in the subject line of the e-mail.