How Rome's Inventions Effected Us

The Roman Arch

The Arch

Roman's were the first to effectively use the arch. They used the arch to distribute the heavy weighted building to various supports. The arches prevented huge structures from crumbling under their own weight, (like the coliseum). The arch is a defining characteristic of the Roman architectural style.

Roman Arches in Ancient Rome

Arches in Architecture Today

Use of the Arch


Romans used the arch to be able to build large, massive structures, because the arch distributed the weight to different supports. Also, the Romans used the arches to create aqueducts. Aqueducts were Romans irrigation.


Today, arches are also used to distribute weight of heavy buildings, but also for design and decoration. They are mostly used in the present for style. Arches are commonly found above doorways, windows, hallways, and porches.


Arches in Past to our Buildings Today

Without the Romans evolving the arch we would most likely not have the huge skyscrapers and big buildings (like court houses, capital buildings, etc) today. We have been able to build on from the Romans arch to make these big heavy structures, but without the arch, we might have smaller buildings.

The Arch to Concrete

Romans evolved the arch, and invented a very strong concrete. What do these to things have to do with each other? Well, the arches would not have been so strong without the very strong concrete that Romans created. This concrete is made of lime and volcanic sand.

Contributions From the Arch

Why is the arch a significant contribution to Ancient Rome?

The arch was a significant contribution to Ancient Rome because the arch allowed the Romans to make bigger buildings. Without the arches the building Romans would build would be too heavy and would crumble because of the weight, but with the arches, the weight is distributed to numerous supports.

Why is it a significant contribution to its culture today?

Let's say that the arch was never evolved by the Romans. You would probably not see so many arches as you would today. You might not realize it, but if you look around even just your own house you would probably find multiple arches in doorways, hallways, windows, etc. We may not mostly use the arch as Romans did, (to distribute weight to supports so massive structures wouldn't crumble) but without Romans acknowledging the arch and evolving it we wouldn't have realized how arches can be used as great style to things.