By: Reanna H.


The Tartan Kilt

The tartan kilt is a traditional costume worn in Scotland.Men wear it to formal occasions like weddings, graduations, and dances.
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St. Andrews Day

St. Andrews was a disciple of Jesus and the brother of Simon Peter.He was a fisherman by trade, who lived in Galilee.The Scottish flag was made in honor of him,they believe he died at a Roman traverse cross, which they used for executions.

Robert Burns Holiday

The next holiday is a holiday in honor of a poet named Robert Burns.On this day, they eat the Scottish national dish of Haggis.


A firm but not aggressive handshake is common.when passing by a stranger, it is appropriate to smile and say hello.



Haggis is a national Scottish dish. It's made out of ground sheep entrails and is mixed with oats and spices. Haggis is tied in a sheep's stomach and cooked. A picture of Haggis is featured below!
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