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Norfolk Junior HIgh

By Tyson Stelling

The Muffin Man and his Giant Muffin

One day the Muffin Man created the biggest muffin ever. The Muffin Man who lives in Drury Lane had a dream to make the biggest muffin ever, so that everyone would know who the Muffin Man is. He created the muffin on August 11, 2014. The muffin made headlines all over the universe. The reason the Muffin Man made the muffin was because he wanted to be the best muffin maker ever because he’s a muffin himself. The Muffin Man’s creator, Tyson Stelling, also motivated the Muffin Man to create the muffin. In fact, the Muffin Man made the muffin in honor of Tyson and his birthday. How did the Muffin Man create the biggest muffin you ask? The key success to making the muffin was his giant oven, in which he made the muffin. The oven is the only one of its kind in the whole Milky Way.

Kiwi Bird

Have you ever heard of a kiwi? Not the fruit but the bird. The Kiwi bird is a flightless bird native to New Zealand. The Kiwi Bird has hair like feathers on its body. The bird is the only bird to have nostrils on the end of its long bill. The kiwi uses its bill to probe the ground looking for invertebrates. The Kiwi also eats fallen fruit, since it can’t fly up to eat them. Kiwi females are usually bigger than the male and can grow up to be 52 cm. long, while the male on average can grow up to 45 cm. long. There are five species of Kiwi Birds. The North Island Kiwi, the Southern Brown Kiwi, Little Spotted Kiwi, Great Spotted Kiwi, the Rowi Kiwi, and the Tokoeka Kiwi. The Kiwi Birds can live up to 25-50 years. Thats pretty long for such a little bird. The Kiwi is very much cherished by the people of New Zealand. In fact, they even have a rugby team named after the bird. They also have a fight song for the team talking about the Kiwi Bird. The birds are becoming close to extinction. There is a considerable amount of community awareness for the bird. So let’s take a moment and think about these little birds and help bring their population back up. You can even adopt a Kiwi Bird to help the little guys out.

Light Bike

Light Bike 2 is mostly a thinking and strategy game that is challenging and fun. The basics of the game is that you are riding a bike that creates a line of light behind it. The object of the game is to control your bike and not run into the other players line, otherwise you get eliminated. You want to try and get the other players to run into your light. You can also jump over the lines by tapping down on the bottom of the screen. After you jump, it takes a while to load again so you can jump again.There is also another part of the game that can help you out and that is the boost. To activate that, you also tap at the bottom of the screen. The boost also takes a while to load before you can use it. When you win matches, you can unlock special tricks that can also help you such as double jump and ghost that lets you go through lines for a short amount of time. I recommend Light Bike 2 when you are bored and have nothing to do. You can purchase the app on the app store for free

Captain Phillips Review

Captain Phillips (Tom Hanks) Is the Captain of a cargo ship carrying 17,000 metric tons of cargo to Mambasa, Kenya. Phillips and his crew were prepared for anything including pirates. It paid off too, because one day out in sea, Phillips sees a small speed boat heading for the ship. He sounds the alarm to alert the crew. Some of the crew thinks it’s just a drill, but not when Phillips announces it’s a real situation. Phillips orders to put the boat full steam ahead to try and make it harder for the pirates. It ends up working when one the pirates boats’ engine ends up breaking down. Phillips knows the pirates will be back. The pirates gather back at their base, a small fishing boat. They fix the engine and their leader Muse comes up with an idea of putting both engines on one boat. The next day, Phillips sees the boat again and sounds the alarm once more. Full steam ahead! He commands. This time they can’t lose the pirates. Phillips gets the defensive hoses ready in case the pirates get close. The hoses work until one breaks and gives the pirates an opening. The pirates get close enough and hook the ship with their ladder. The crew is frozen as the pirates enter the ship. Captain Phillips is a good family movie leaving the watchers guessing what will happen next. The movie also tells you to never give up and always have faith.
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Tyson Stelling has been a role model for kids all over the world. He attended high school at Norfolk High and worked at Applebee’s. He also played basketball, football, and soccer. He received scholarships for all three sports and took a full ride scholarship to Michigan State. Tyson majored in sales and physical fitness. After four years of college, he earned his bachelor degree. He was drafted in the NBA in the first round as a 15th overall pick. He then played 15 years in the NBA listening to the crowd cheer his name, Tyson, Tyson, Tyson, and earned four championships with the Los Angles clippers and three league MVP's. At age 25, he got married and had three kids. After his basketball career, he earned his master’s degree and became a head high school basketball coach for a school in Denver, Colorado. At age 40, Tyson is still fit with the hobbies of working out and sand volleyball. Tyson likes to travel with his family and his old time friend Jake Kluver. He traveled to Australia and all over the world doing fun stuff such as sky diving, cliff diving, cage diving with sharks, bungee jumping, and hang gliding
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