Upcoming 2016 Trends

By Naomi A

Pantone color Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz will be a trending 2016 spring color. This color is a persuasive yet gentle tone conveys compassion and a sense of composure. It's a nice, bright and happy color for the spring/summer season.
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Pantone color Limpet Shell

This color is a shade of aqua that leads to green. It's a clean, clean and defined color. It's a crisp modern color. Teenagers love to wear blue anything during any season especially during the spring and summer. This is a very beautiful blue.
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The X line neck

The X line neck is going to be a big spring and summer trend. Everyone likes to be all bundled up as it gets warmer. X line shirts are becoming everyone's type of go to for any season.
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Flannels are a fashion basic. They're around all year. It especially comes back around in the spring and summer time. You can wear a flannel in any weather but if's too hot it can be wrapped around your waste and can go with any outfit.
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Halter tops

The halter tops are coming back this summer! They became a new trend in the summer of 2015. All teenage girls were wearing them. They even came out the halter dresses. You will be able to enjoy halter tops again thus year.
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