Fit for a King Shower Stalls

A shower stall like never imagined...

The best shower for a king

This leading edge opening Shower Enclosure is one of kind. So, get it while it lasts.

This DreamLin kit is truly fit for a king. It is for someone who knows what they want and are sick of the leading old, boring and bland shower stalls. This winning combination will truly meet what you want. The opening doors will enter you into a paradise, you will feel happy waking up in the mornings knowing you will be taking a shower in such a luxurious shower stall. This one- of- a- kind octagonal shower stall will certainly turn heads. It will transform your washroom into a paradise. Taking a shower in our modernized shower heads, it will truly feel like your standing in the middle of a waterfall in a natures jungle with birds chirping and the calm serenity.


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-One door made of the finest glass

-All tiles are made with a unique design and are truly one-of-a-kind

-Built with two doors to fit your needs

-The shower head is one of the best, it hits your head so smoothly

-Our leading shower head is made to comfort the body and a great way to give the had a massage

-Also comes with built in bench, to make things easier

-This modern and unique shape will make everyone jealous

-This octagonal shower stall is very luxurious and spacious

-Also comes with a towel hanger

No need to worry...

Our friendly staff will deliver AND install this elegant masterpiece iin your bathroom

Visit us and see this one of a kind luxorious dreamset at our location alongside with our other luxorious sets.

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Wednesday, Dec. 3rd, 10am

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