Classroom Library

How to Organize a Library

Step 1. Know Your Books

Take the time to get to know the books in your classroom library. They could come in handy when planning a lesson or when helping a student select level appropriate books.

Step 2. Sort by Theme

Sort your library by interests that the students can relate to, e.g. Dr. Seuss, The Magic Tree House, Frog and Toad, Mercer Mayer. This allows students to become familiar with authors. You can even have the students help you out with the categories.

Step 3. Balance Non Fiction, Fiction and Informational Texts

Give students options that appeal to their personal interests. You can include books related to your current Theme in a separate basket as a way to motivate the students to learn more about it during their independent reading time.


All your books must belong in a specific basket . The labels must be clear and easy to spot from a distance. Students are responsible for keeping the library organized, through the use of labels, they will be able to put books back where they belong.

You can color code your books too.

Some Ideas

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