April Happenings!

What an exciting time in our business! So much to talk about: Autism Boutique, Summer Collection, and Hoopla! Let's dig in!

Autism Boutique

Do you know someone that has been affected by Autism? Why not use those contacts to book 1-2 trunk shows this month to raise money for the HollyRod Foundation?!? You certainly don't have to donate your profits, but this is a great way to reach a new crowd of customers, all for a great cause.

One other thing to do is to reach out to all past customers and invite them to shop from the Autism Boutique.

Summer Collection

As you know, Stella & Dot comes out with 4 collections a year. Two major with Spring in January and Fall in July. The Summer and Holiday collections are considered mini capsule collections and have fewer items than the other 2. In my opinion, this is the most fantastic Summer collection yet and I'm so excited to be considered a "lifestyle brand." I think is going to do amazing things to our business!

What do you think of the bags? I'm going crazy over them! I don't know if you caught the webinar with Blythe, but it was full of great information.

Blythe said, if she had to choose two bags, she'd choose the Getaway in Red Ikat and the How Does She Do It in Navy Ikat. She said an optional one is The Switch. She said to be sure to add a Bring It and a Pouf. The poufs will be great add-ons to the larger bags.

Regarding jewelry, they created the Sea Life Charm necklace as a necklace perfect for throwing on with your bathing suit to wear to the pool or beach. She also thinks that the Wanderlust bracelets will sell really well in Mixed Metal. And, she said to be sure and sample one of the Maya Bracelets. This is the first time we've ever done a delicate bracelet. And, with the multiple extenders, this will fit a wide variety of wrist sizes.

Please let me know if you have any questions about what to order. I can help you narrow it down.


Great news! They've extended the Early Bird Registration for Hoopla to May 5th. So, what is Hoopla? It's our yearly National Sales Conference in Las Vegas. Stylists come from all over US and Canada and are trained by the best. We're able to get a sneak peek at the Fall Line, get free swag, and have a great time with fellow stylists. I'll be going. This will be my second Hoopla, and can I just say...It's a game-changer! You'll leave fired up and ready to grow your business. You'll be equipped with tools and with confidence on how to run your business upon your return home. If you're even remotely interested in going, you've got to find a way to get there. If you're planning on going, let me know, and I'll make sure to help you find a roommate.

Let's get fired up and have an amazing April! What you do this month will set you up for the months to come!