Modern Segregation

What Was Apartheid?

Apartheid was the separation of races in South Africa. The word literally means apartness. It was created by europeans to give them all the power and give everyone else (blacks and asians) no power whatsoever.

Who Was Important In Apartheid Movements?

Nelson Mandela was a main person in ending apartheid. He heightened protests and was jailed for 27 years over it. This angered people even further. When he was released he was elected president of South Africa.

F.W. de Klerk was the last ruler before apartheid ended. In fact he was the one who ended it by law.

Key Events

Apartheid made whites have nice everything while blacks and asians had cruddy everything. when news of this spread throughout the world South Africa was cut off form the world. Being jailed over protests were common.

When Did It Happen?

Apartheid happened from 1948-1994