WCPS Summer Learning Week 2

PreK-5th Grade ~ Let's Go Camping!

Let's Have S'more Fun with Summer Learning!

Welcome to WCPS Summer Learning! Each week, activities and resources will be shared that will make summer learning fun and engaging for your child. Each week will be characterized by a particular theme and this week's theme is "Let's Go Camping." Students will engage in activities that relate to camping and summer fun. So, get ready for this week's adventure!
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WCPS Summer Reading Challenge

Have you started filling in your bookshelf? This summer we are filling our WCPS Summer Reading Bookshelf with lots of books that we've read. If you're having trouble finding just the right books, check out and explore our e-library today! There are books for everyone! Once you're done reading your books, don't forget to color in a book on the bookshelf for every book you read! By the end of the summer, your bookshelf will be overflowing with the many books you have read over the summer. Don't forget prizes! Every student who turns in their completed bookshelf will be entered in our prize drawing! So, get out there and read!

Weekly Read Aloud

Table Talk Math-A New, Engaging Way to Boost Your Child's Math Learning

Don't miss out on our newest resource, Table Talk Math! The WCPS Math Department has partnered with Table Talk Math! Table Talk Math will help to reinforce the grade level content that your child learned this year and some content they will learn as they move to the next grade level. This wonderful resource is FREE to all students entering Grades 2-6 in the fall. Once you sign up, you can begin the course immediately. It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish. So, SIGN UP NOW!
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From the WCPS Environmental Literacy, Planetarium, and STEM Team

Children have a strong appreciation for our natural world. This week we invite you to work with your family to discover ways we can use human ideas to help some of the issues causing harm to the environment. Protect the Environment
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