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April 8, 2016

What you really need to know

NO AM KINDERGARTEN Tuesday, April 12. Delayed start for the rest of the school. PM KASE will be in session.

Calendar correction! Please note I incorrectly Listed May 6 as a conference day. The correct conference date is Thursday, May 5. There will be no AM Kindergarten and an early release for grades 1-5.

Along those lines APRIL BOOK ORDERS are due next Friday, April 15. Check your flyers and order some books! With your participation, our class gets lots of bonus books. Go to clubs2.scholastic.com For first time users, our class activation code is HVXFH.

Thanks to Callie's mom, Mae Patten, for being our Mystery Reader!

Mark your calendar.

NO AM KINDERGARTEN next Tuesday, April 12. Delayed start for the rest of the school. PM KASE will be in session.

No Morning Kindergarten:

April 12 (Professional development)

May 5 (conferences) ** revised

June 6 (conferences)

Early Release at 12:15:

May 5 (grades 1-5)

June 1 (grades K-5)

Last day of School:

Friday, June 17 (Early Release at 12:15 K-5)

What we've been up to.

  • We are working on translating upper case writing in to lower case writing. This is not as easy as it sounds. We have also been working hard at reading and rhyming CVC words in the short U family.
  • We have acquired some tadpoles to keep Amber the snake company. The students are having a great time watching them grow each day. Anyone interested in hosting tadpoles (um, if they last that long...) over spring break? Let me know.
  • The students have taken over the morning message. Each day we have a student teacher direct the process: reading our sight words and calling upon volunteers to fill in the missing words and numbers. I am pretty much completely unnecessary now.
  • Our student authors have been making many Spring themed books to share in our Author's Chair.
  • Our math studies this week have focused upon skip counting by twos and fives and completing different kinds of number lines with missing numbers. We've taken a closer look at patterns to help us figure out how to build "growing" and "shrinking" number sequences.
  • Mrs. Jodrie, the 1st-5th Spanish Teacher, visited our classroom to read La Horuga My Hambrienta. If you can't figure it out, ask your child what the story was about!

Links of the week.

Watch La Horuga Muy Hambrienta


Practice skip counting by 2, 5 and 10


Get ready for earth day on April 22 with this interactive book


The things kids say. For real.

Student: What does this say?

Mrs. Cohen: I don't know. You wrote it. You tell me.

Student: You're the teacher.