Asheville Primary School

APS Staff Updates 9/1/2021

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ACS Conference Request Form

Funds are low this year, but many of you have been asking to attend conferences relevant to your role. This paperwork should be submitted to your administrator to discuss the possibility of you attending any conference this year.


Just a reminder that there are general supplies in your team planning rooms AND in the closet behind Karena's desk. Please ask her to show you if you aren't sure where. There are pens, post its, highlighters, tape, etc., for everyone to use.

Adult/Staff Bathrooms

You are always able to use the student bathrooms, but sometimes you would like an adult option. For our new staff, we thought we'd list all the options in the building:

  • front hallway--two options: one directly on the hallway, one in the materials suite behind Karena's desk
  • downstairs--there is a male and female option at the bottom of the stairs near Rm 105
  • on the preschool hallway--to the left of Room 310 on the left side of the hallway
  • on the preschool hallway--there is a bathroom in the nurse's office

Donors Choose

Donors Choose is a non-profit that helps secure funding for small scale grants. Classroom grants should be written for the school or classroom and not in the individual teacher's name. You should submit a draft to admin for approval prior to posting.


You can use ANY computer in the building to clock in/out. There is a computer in the front office set up for your convenience. You can use any desktop or laptop in the building to access Timekeeper. Please remember to ask Karena if you have any questions.

APS Building open daily 6:30 AM-5:30 PM Monday-Friday

Make Changes to Your Schedule Here

If any changes have been made to your schedule, or you solidified your schedule as a support staff, please reflect those changes here. We make decisions based on the information in this document and want to have the most up to date information.

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PLCs start in September

Below is the link to the PLC Agenda Template that you will use each week. You will also see two links to documents that will help you with this week's tasks: deciding roles and responsibilities and choosing one word to resonate on this year (what is your word of the year?). Each week you will receive a task in the newsletter to be completed during your PLC. Please make sure that someone from your team is designated to do the agenda so that the task is part of the agenda.


All PDP conferences should be completed by the end of the day on September 20th. Please schedule a time with your admin to complete your BOY Professional Goals.


Please remind families of the dismissal procedures in place. If families are trying to pick up students in areas not designated for that, it is a safety issue. Car rider pick up is in the lower lot, walkers are picked up at the front entrance.


The first safety drills of the year are announced and are meant to be used as teaching opportunities. They are no secret and should be discussed with students. We completed our fire and lock down drills. Next is bus safety. Every child should view this video this week. Please email LeeAnn to confirm that all of your students watched the video.


If you are a new mentor for a staff member, please log in to NCEES and complete the course under the professional development tab called 21st Century Mentoring. Once you complete this course, the system will notify Kim Dechant and she will give you further instructions. Thank you for giving your time to help support our new staff!

PLC Montessori Team Agenda Template

Please use this template for your professional learning community meetings. Check the newsletter each week for the weekly task. Ask admin if you have any questions.

Preschool Program PLC Template

This is the template that preschool teachers will use to guide their PLC work each week.

Care & Connect

Keeping it Safe


Remember when students are working together or in a circle space, make sure that they are 3 feet apart and wearing a mask. If they move closer to each other (less than 3 feet), make sure you pay attention to the time and after 5 minutes prompt them to give each other space. This will help us keep everyone safe and avoid close contacts.


Active supervision is an important part of keeping it safe at Asheville Primary. Remember to strategically place adults so that EVERY child is in view and move as they move to keep them in view of an adult at all times. This is important for Covid reasons and for general safety. If you see students congregating for more than a couple of minutes, help guide them to activities that allow each of them space. They typically move quickly on to the next activity, but sometimes need our help. Watching them closely and helping everyone to make safe choices is important.

If a student goes home to quarantine, how will they complete work?

For the scenarios regarding specific students needing remote learning, the school response should be the following:

Classroom teacher works with the family and sends work home via mail, email and/or online platform. Student completes work at home using school issued device or will be given copies of classroom work to complete at home.
Student is given at least 5 days upon return to make up missed work.
**Note: Students will complete work asynchronously and will not join classes through Google Meet



It is so imperative that you are not only on time to school, but also ON TIME TO YOUR DUTY STATION. Whatever that last minute thing is, it is not as important as showing up for your team and doing your part to keep kids safe. Always pick KIDS FIRST.

Coming Up

August 30-September 20 mCLASS window OPENS for K-3: Montessori Staff make sure that you are checking your email for the support plan for this test window. Also, remember Camille is on site for coaching.

September 6 Labor Day Holiday

September 9 Beginning of Grade 3 Reading Test

ACS Assessment Calendar 2021-22

This calendar includes the required tests for benchmark and summative measures for all school aged students in our district. You will also be receiving an invitation on your Google Calendar from the Asheville Primary Events Calendar for them.

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