7 Maroon Newsletter

What's Happening in May!

Welcome to 7 Maroon!

This monthly newsletter is to inform 7 Maroon families about what's happening on our team and in each of our classrooms. Here are some important announcements:

-We have a field trip to a Sky Sox game for "Math Day" on Wednesday, May 4th. Permission slips are due by Monday the 2nd.

-There is a BOGO (buy one, get one) Book Fair in the front lobby of the school the first week of May. Many of the titles for Summer Reading will be featured!

-Look for e-mails and updates about next year's BYOD program, including parent nights.

-Reminder: the 4th quarter late policy is that work will be accepted late up until the Friday of the following week, allowing students up to as many as 11 days to still turn in work for credit. After that Friday, however, missing work will change to a permanent 0.

Please check teacher websites and communicate questions with teachers about assignments.

Dates to Know:
-5/4: Sky Sox Math Day field trip

-5/6: Last day to check out books from the library

-5/9: LA STAR Test

-5/10: Math STAR Test

-5/13: All books due to the library

-5/20: All overdue books from the library become lost

-5/20: Last Day for Credit

-5/27: Last Day of School

-5/27: Awards assembly at 10:30 AM; Team Hike in the afternoon for students who stay through the day(tentative; details will follow)

Be sure to check out teachers' individual webpages for calendars and class specific resources. Click HERE to go to the team's page.

Social Studies

Students just finished our unit on Africa by presenting their floats and digital quilts. We are now starting study Greece. Students will complete interactive tasks, blogs, and earn badges throughout the unit as they become "expert Spartans" on different aspects of Greek geography, culture, and mythology. Students will then begin to compare Ancient Greece and Rome before we move into some Middle Ages fun! Continue to check the website for homework assignments and resources.


Human sexuality begins on May 9th. This unit will continue until May 20th. We will be covering changes associated with puberty, refusal skills, fetal development, and family planning.

Please see Mr. Ortiz's website for more details.

Language Arts

Students are finishing up their research and speech unit. The last couple weeks of school will look at Greek mythology and review important concepts from the entire year. Vocabulary and Outside Reading will also conclude before the end of the month.

Dates to Know:

-5/9: LA STAR Test

-5/11 and 5/12: Wax Museum Performances; speeches, and all notes and citations are DUE

-5/16: Begin Greek Mythology mini-unit

-5/17: Quarter 4 Outside Reading Project DUE

-5/20: Last day for credit

-5/24: Quarter 4 Vocab Post-Test

-5/25 and 5/26: LA Basics Final

Advanced Language Arts

Students will wrap up their study of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. The last couple weeks of school will be dedicated to a Greek mythology mini-unit and review of major concepts from the year. Vocabulary and Outside Reading will also conclude before the end of the month.

Dates to Know:

-5/9: LA STAR Test

-5/12: Outside Reading DUE

-5/12: Final Essay DUE

-5/16: Begin Greek Mythology mini-unit

-5/20: Last day for credit

-5/25 and 5/26: LA Basics Final

Math (Grade Level and Accelerated)

Grade Level: We have entered the sprint to the finish. On Thursday we will have a quiz on Statistics/Data and a quiz on Probability late next week. Between now and the final, we will be taking brief review quizzes of material we have covered. They can correct those for FULL credit. All corrections will be due by Wednesday the 27th of May. The final exam will be given the 27th and 28th (back up/extended time) of May. I have been reducing the homework load to allow students to focus on completing corrections.

Advanced: We are currently in our statistics unit and will be reviewing basis skills throughout the month. The Algebra final is also scheduled for the 27th and 28th of May.

(ALL) Progress Reports: I sent progress reports home over a week ago and they were due last Friday. If your student has lost theirs, simply go to Infinite Campus and send me an email showing their current grade.