No Zero Days

Improving and Maintaining Physical and Emotional Well-Being

What is a Zero Day?

A zero day is a day when you don't do a single thing to better yourself or move towards your goals. How a zero day looks can vary from person to person. Some of us can't get out of bed. Some of us don't shower. Some spend all day surfing Netflix. Some of us are able to come to school or work, but go home and spend the evening doing nothing, stressed and exhausted. Zero days make us feel worthless, nothing is accomplished, and it's hard to feel positive.

What is "No Zero Days"?

The concept of No Zero Days focuses on taking small steps towards goals, which will help you become (or stay) healthy and happy. Do ONE thing in each of these areas to avoid a ZERO DAY.





Do one thing in each area. Just one. That's the goal. Then, feeling accomplished helps you do another action the next day and continue to build and move forward in a positive direction. You don't need to make a massive change to feel better, instead, you can focus on small things to make yourself better. This way of thinking creates a much more attainable goal.

Read on for additional details about how to have NO ZERO DAYS or watch this short video:


Connect- help someone, send a card or note, hold a door open, buy a coffee, text someone you haven't talked to in awhile, post a positive quote on social media, smile and say hi to someone you don't know, give three compliments.


Create- doodle, write, color, cook a new treat, play legos with a little sibling, build something, create positive a post on social media, make a collage or vision board, take a photo and edit it, create a music playlist on your device.


Movement- exercise in some way, take a walk, do one sit-up, find an exercise app or youtube workout, take the stairs instead of an elevator, do 10 jumping jacks, go for a hike, take your dog for a walk, try to beat your "record" from the previous day.


Mindfulness- learn something, read, listen to a TED talk, find an app for brain health and try some brainteasers (Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles or Elevate), complete schoolwork, do a puzzle, select one activity and dedicate all of your attention to that one activity to practice mindfulness.
So, if you are able to end your day saying you helped someone else, you worked your body, you engaged your mind, and you created something, how can you say the day was a waste? A walk down the driveway becomes a walk down the road, which maybe could grow into jogging, then running a race. 1 push up becomes 5 push ups. Positive actions build on positive actions.

All of us can use this concept in our own lives. Some of us may use No Zero Days to push forward out of a dark get up, to eat healthy, to take care of ourselves. Others may use it to maintain their health and happiness by doing 4 things for their mental and physical health each day.

We hope you are able to use this idea to have NO ZERO DAYS!

Please reach out to your school counselor or another trusted adult if you have questions or concerns. We care about you.