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Botswana is a landlocked Country in Southern Africa that has many geography features. Like the Kalahari Dessert which covers more than 70 percent of Botswana. The dessert also revives more rain fall per year than the average dessert.Even though it gets more water than most desserts,but Botswana still has many drought problems. Okavango Delta is a very large out land delta.The Savannah dessert is a dessert in Botswana. Botswana is 581,730 square km long.Which means it's smaller than Texas!The climate in Botswana includes warm winters and hot summers! Every country has a few natural resources Botswana is no exception,they have many natural resources!Which include Nickel,Diamonds,Iron Ore,Copper,Salt,Soda Ash,Potash,Coal,and Silver!Botswana has many landforms like the desserts and deltas!The Makgadkgadi Pans are salt pans.Which spill into Zimbabwe!A salt pan is a container where salt water in the ground evaporates leaving deposits of salt!These pans were once part of the Kalahari Basin.Another land form is the Tsodilo Hills.Even though most of Botswana is flat there are scattered hills in some parts of the country. The hills rise 4,800 feet high from the Kalahari!The hills are a major tourist attraction in Botswana.Near the Okavango there are many of the country's major rivers!Like Limpopo and it's tributaries! Others include Chobe which evenly drain through the Zambezi River!Another River is the Molopo River!Botswana also has major cities like the capital Gambore. Other major cities include Maun,Serowe,Kanye,Muchudi,Molepolole,and Francistown. Desicrifiaction is a major issue in Botswana.The effects include poaching,when the wild life is exposed and in need of a home,they are targeted for hunting.Others include Greenhouse effect,Water cycle,and Increased soil erosion are just a few thing that can happen!


1966-Botswana gains independence from Great Britain

2000-Devistating floods, more than 60,000 people are homeless

2000-President Mugabe claims aids drugs will become free of charge

2011-Civil Servants start a strike over pay for 2 months

2012-Goverment bans commercial hunting


Botswana's culture includes 5 main ethnic groups.The main one is Tswana making up 79% of Botswana's people,Kalanga which is 11%,Basarwa 3%,White and Kgalagandi 7%,and other. Some languages are Setswana,Kalanga,Sekgalagandi,English,and other.Botswana has many different religions. Like Christianity,Badimo,Other,and none.

Holidays include New Years Day January 1 ,Good Friday in April,Easter April, May 1 Labour Day,Assignation May,Sir Sertease Khama Day July 1,Presidents' Day 3rd Sunday in July,September 30th Botswana day,Christmas December 25th,Boxing Day December 26!Additional information!Schools in Botswana are ranked 5th in the world.Otherwise Botswana is a regular country!The death rate is really low and sterilization rate is high!Botswana is right now a effective country!

♫ Botswana National Anthem ♫


Botswana's Government is a Parliamentary Republic!Botswana was once called Bechuanaland.The Capital of the country is Gaborone. The Executive branch leader is President Seretse Khama Ian the Vice President is Ponatshego. The highest form of court,Court of Appeal,High Court.All leaders are forced to retire at 70 years old.At age 18 though you are legally aloud to vote!Botswana has several political parties but the most powerful is The Botswana Democratic Party.The President appoints people to become these leaders or there is an election!


Botswana's Economy is one of the best economies in Africa and has been developing rapidly. Diamond mining is the main industry in Botswana.Most people in Botswana are farmers.Cattle [beef and milk] make up most of the agriculture in Botswana.Tourism is also very important to Botswana's economy,many come to see the beautiful wildlife in this country.Manufacturing plays a very small role in Botswana's economy,processed foods and clothing are the main manufacturing items.Botswana Chief Exports beef, diamonds,and other mineral products,and textiles.Imports include chemicals,food,machinery,petroleum,and transportation equipment.Their main partners for trade are South Africa and Zimbabwe.The capital Gaborone has its own international airport.

Top 5 Places To Visit!

#1 Chobe National Park

#2 Moremi Game Resserve

#3 Okavango Delta

#4 Serowe

#5 Kasane