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Weekly CCID Newsletter

Welcome Back

Hello CCID Families,

We are excited to have students back on campus and learning five days a week in-person this year. It was a busy week of establishing routines and setting expectations. This is our first school year with the Spring Creek extension open while also having all of our students on campus together. We ask for your patience and understanding as we make adjustments to the dismissal plan to make the traffic flow smoothly through the Valet lanes. A couple of things that would help keep our students safe include only using the curbside lane only for picking up students, and staying inside your vehicle while picking up students. You can always roll down you window and ask CCID staff to call for your student on their walkie talkie.Thank you in advance for working with us to help make our dismissal as safe a possible for our students.

RISE- Positive Behavior Support

Here at CCID we have a positive behavior support system that we call RISE. The R stands for Respect, the I stands for Integrity, the S stands for Service, and the E stands for Empathy. Everyday on morning announcements we give reminders about what these terms mean, and share examples of students exemplifying these behaviors. Teachers and staff hand out RISE slips to students who are displaying the characteristics of Respect, Integrity, Service, and Empathy. The students write their name and grade on the slip and place it in the RISE bin by the office. Each day the student who was chosen from the bin the day before chooses the winner for the current day. They read the winning student's name and grade level over the morning announcements. These RISE slips tie in with individual classroom incentive programs and students earn points toward their classroom behavior support programs like Classroom Dojo. We have a kind and patient staff who work hard to ensure that all students can feel successful.

Daily Attendance-Absences

If your child is going to be absent for school, please email the school at, or to let us know. Even if you give the teacher prior warning, please also contact the office at either of those email addresses. If the office is not notified they will reach out to families by phone to check attendance. Thank you in advance with your help!