Marine Archeology

By Conner Jackson

What is Marine Archeology?

Marine Archeology is the study and discovery of archeological remains and finds in or by water. That means anything in the bottom of lakes, seas, oceans, on beaches and on islands. Mainly interpreting high resolution remotely sensed survey data, they also help aid geologists and geophysicists with their projects


The job requires diving gear, water proof camera and it uses robots to search wreaked ships.

They also use a giant hose to dig up the sediment around an object and they usually use plastic tools so they won't damage the object they dig up.

What kind of salary can a Marine Archeologist make?

Salaries vary but can be anywhere between $44,000 and 78,000.

Pros and cons

The pros

See lost artifacts

Out at sea

See the sites and learn history of them

The cons


Some sites can be hazardous

Marine Archeology is important...

Archaeology is the closest thing we have to a time machine. It is the only way we can know the unrecorded, and sometimes even the recorded, past.

"The goal of Archaeological Research is the preservation of cultural resources for the benefit of ourselves and coming generations. All of us who spend time under water know that it is a fragile and changing environment. We share not only a fascination for the underwater world, but also common concerns and responsibilities for its welfare in the future. As we learn more about its hidden secrets, we begin to understand how easily they can be lost forever." You can find more information on

Want to know more?

Check out marine, There's lots of information out there on this type of job. Maybe you will be the one to discover the real location of Atlantis!