A look into the life of Kyndall

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This is Me! :)

I was born in Austin, TX on Oct. 30,1995. Any October babies in the house! I moved to Huntsville in 1999. The first time I was put into anything educational, was The Little Red School House Daycare. I was home-schooled for kindergarten. The went to Alpha Omega for first and finally ended up in public school. I'm one of those people where if you don't know me, you'd think I'm quiet and shy. But ask any of my friends and you'll get a TOTALLY different answer. I like making friends. I'm crazy about anything that has to do with animals, nature or the environment. I can't live with out music. There's not a day that goes by that I don't listen to music. Well that's me in a tiny nutshell. I look forward to getting to know all of you.

My *cough* weird Family

I have a very one of kind family. I'm the oldest out of four; Joseph, Frank and Kayla. We all have some (as some people call them) quirks.


She is the wonderful woman whom I get to call Mama. She is just like me, except just worse. Sorry, Mama. She just has that "mom" personality. Almost all of my friends call her Mama.


This is the middle child. He's currently a freshman here. He just turned 14. He's something special. If you ever wanna play a prank on somebody, go to this guy. My family had him thinking that 1.) he came from FedEx, so every time the FedEx truck would come by he would hide, for about three years and 2.) that you had to south to get to Dallas and north to get to Galveston. That one just recently ended. He's basically the goof of our family.


Yep, this guy is my brother for those of you that know him. If you know him then.......yeah. But really he is a great guy, even though he can be annoying. He's very loving and extremely protective. I call him my little big brother.

My Pets

We have owned many different kinds of animals. Ranging from cats and dogs to the exotics. I'm just gonna show you our special ones.

Jenna. She's my baby!

Nathaniel a.k.a Pyhsco


This is our common boa. She's about 7 years old(which is prime). Her definitions are, at her thickest about a foot around and about 8-8 1/2 feet long.


He is our albino Burmese python. He is most defiantly the pride and joy of our reptiles. When he was as baby (picture 1) he was about 3 feet long. by the time he grew up, he maxed out at 17 or 18 feet and about 2-2 1/2 feet around. He is big boy. He eats about 10-15 jumbo rats every Saturday night.

The Faves

I do have a lot of favorite things. Well for one I don't have a particular favorite animal. I LOVE THEM ALL!! I have a wide range of music, though i typically tend to listen to the screamo, alternative and emo pop music. I have a thing for anime. (any anime freaks out there?!) I LOVE the color PURPLE!! I play/played the trumpet.