need for SPEED

Today the team divergent made a new record for the quickest block caring to the to of the pyramid it tock them 15 min. to get to the top they pulled a 1000 pound this tock 6 men.
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sneek a tack

on his recent trip to asia, When max lee was out hunting he encountered a hunger tiger. So max went after the tiger and he had a brawl but max came up on top he skinned the tiger and should it skin. Then he eat meet and use the tigers teeth for spears.

how big can they get

to day A hippos chased a man into the river when the man was hippo hunting in the river. He said that the him was 1690 pounds. But he was in a stick situation he was trapped there was a hippos in front of him and a alligator was be hind him. He said he killed the alligator but the there was a 35000 pound hippo. So find out what happiness nexed. tomorrow
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rare animals

To day we found the rare zebra-rinow there is only 16 in the world the are a bred of a zebra-rinow.
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We have just mummified a some new animals. A dog, cat and alligator. It Took them three days to mummified the dog five days to do the alligator and seven to do the cat. If you would like to mummified your animals come to pineapple lane

bulls i

matt pineapple has broke a new reoccurred for 17 Bulls I in a row. he has broke 7 recored and set 3 new records. Also he is the ages of 18 which is making him the youngest man to set and break records
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E golf

to day Ben Wo made a new e golf putter he is selling it for 21 buchals of straw. Also that He said that he is going to work on more E golf told like a holder and and flag so you can see were you hit the ball. and Colored balls
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hippo wisper

If you would like a hippo as a pet or for protection or for fun all you have to do is fined calvin jonson and he will capture a hippo but if you want a 2000 pound hippo it will be 56 eras of corn. 3500 pound 100 eras of corn. Also a new dell 4 hippos for 606 ears of corn
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get in shape

There is a new trainer in town his name is James. He will get you in shape for earthing hunting, farming and getting prepared for battle

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Reporting live from EGYPT This is ESAN signing off. We would like to thank Google images and all of the idea from Austin.
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