Vol. 12

The Month of Love, Kindness, and Appreciation

It's February! Groundhog's Day, Random Acts of Kindness, Valentine's Day, and appreciating Black History Month keeps us busy!

Last month, we highlighted engagement strategies from Janelle Cox. To continue engaging students, we want to draw your attention to the hallways. Check out how Center Grove Elementary School's Principal, Krista Nelson, and leadership team utilizes their hallways.

"Our Leadership Team was discussing different ways we can help students regulate during the day. We began researching alternate activities for the classroom and school-wide. Minds in Motion was one avenue we took, during the 17-18 school year. This path allowed classrooms, small groups of students, and individuals to have a way to regulate throughout the day, without taking a lot of time out of the classroom or instructional space. It has now become a natural part of our school-building with students following the path daily and asking staff to use the path to regulate. "

Along with these strategies, try playing soft classical music in the hallways, so students can glide along while enjoying a new tune.

As always, please do not hesitate to reach out if you need guidance, have questions, or would like support in any way. Your IDOE Literacy Team is dedicated to working for you and all Indiana students.

Literacy Framework Phase II

In phase I of the Literacy Framework, Hoosier educators created and developed I can statements, question stems, and academic vocabulary. In phase II, we are developing practical examples for each literacy standard. Thank you to all the dedicated educators who took time from their busy schedules and joined in this work. Stay tuned for this release in late spring!

Ideas & Insight

Holocaust Remembrance with Sydney Finkel

January 27, 2019 was Holocaust Remembrance Day. With over six million Jewish people affected, take time to educate students and honor the victims.

Yorktown Middle School was honored with the presence of Holocaust survivor, Sydney Finkel. Mr. Finkel captivates his audience by sharing his vivid story of surviving the Holocaust as a young boy.

Holocaust Resources:

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

Candles Holocaust Museum and Education Center (located in Terre Haute)

Be the change you want to see in the world.” -Eva Kor documentary


Book Recommendations

Community Spotlight

Nominated Educator: Faith Sherrill, Kindergarten Teacher, MSD Wayne Township

What is your teaching passion/inspiration?

It is a true inspiration to see where Kindergarten students start and where they end. The amount their brains can absorb and learn at such a young age excites me to see the great things they will achieve in their coming years. THEY ARE THE FUTURE!!

What is one take-away that you use in your classroom that other teachers could incorporate into their classroom?

Establishing a classroom community from the beginning of the year is very important. Including students when creating and establishing classroom norms, expectations, and procedures allows students to feel valued, as well as offer a safe space for students to learn and grow in a family like environment.

What makes you unique as a classroom teacher?

I enjoy creating lessons and experiences for my students that give them opportunities that go beyond the classroom. Allowing our youngest learners to engage and explore in virtual field trips, and take charge of their own learning from a young age provides them with stamina and grit needed in the years to follow. I use lots of dancing and movement in my lessons to keep my students engaged. Incorporating and connecting student learning to their community, cultures, and our world is always very important.

We are looking for amazing educators who inspire through their teaching, collaboration, and leadership. Want to nominate an awesome educator at your school?

ILA 2019 Conference: Creating a Culture for Literacy

When: Saturday, September 14, 2019

Where: Noblesville High School

The opening session speaker will be Sara K. Ahmed, author Being the Change: Lessons to Teach Social Comprehension (Heinemann, 2018). Share how you are sharing this powerful text within your professional learning community on this Padlet.

Session proposals are due March 1.

Literacy & Tech: Thought of the Month!

February is Indiana's Digital Learning Month!

The Office of eLearning at the IDOE has many resources for educators. Click here to explore and learn more about eLearning.

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