The Amazing World of Sharks

By Alexa

Shark Attack!

Sharks are very dangerous to humans. In fact, the Great White Shark is 1 of the 3 sharks that attack people regularly. The other 2 are the Tiger Shark and the Bull Shark. But, 30 of the 500 different species of sharks have ever attacked humans. Now that is a lot! Crocodiles, elephants, dogs, and even pigs kill more people than sharks do, and sharks kill only about 6 humans every year! Now you know that you shouldn't be afraid of a shark attacking you.

Sharks and Fish

Sharks are fish, but what are the differences between a shark and a fish? Fish have skeletons made of bone while sharks have skeletons made of cartilage. Sharks have sharp toothlike scales called denticales, while fish have smooth scales. Also, sharks have 5 to 7 gill slits on each side, while fish have 1 gill slit on each side. Sharks and fish have many similarities and differences!

Shark Teeth

Sharks have a lot of teeth. Sharks go through thousands of teeth in a lifetime. In fact, a shark's teeth fall out and grow in on a daily basis. Also, sharks have backup teeth just in case a shark is fighting prey and a shark's tooth comes out at the same time. Sharks have at least 4 rows of teeth, but they don't chew, they bite and swallow prey whole. Shark teeth are so cool!
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Shark Species

There are many different kinds of sharks. The smallest shark in the world is the ''Dwarf Lantern Shark''. It is about 6 inches long and not a killer, only if you happen to be a shrimp. The biggest shark on earth is the ''Whale Shark.'' It can grow up to 50 feet long. The most dangerous shark is the ''Great White Shark.'' It can grow up to 20 feet long. Aren't there so many species of sharks?

Uses Of A Shark

There are many uses of a shark. Did you know that people kill about 100 million sharks every year? In fact, sharks are used for food, jewelry, paint base, oil for makeup, souvenirs, heart disease medicine, fertilizer, burn treatment chemicals, and much more! Also, about 75 shark species are in danger because so many people kill them. Even though there are so many uses of a shark, we don't want them to be extinct.
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  1. Cartilage- A firm, elastic, flexible type of connective tissue of a translucent whitish or yellowish color
  2. Denticales- Sharp toothlike scales that sharks have
  3. Gill Slits- Things that most sea animals have to breathe
  4. Prey- Some animal that another animal eats
  5. Extinct- No longer in existence, or no longer a thing