Study Tips!

Chasity Pate

Are You a Visual Learner?

  • Take notes even when given handouts or printed notes. This will help you add your own hints and clues to your notes to help when studying!
  • Make flashcards! This is not "nerdy" at all! This is an a great way to quiz yourself independently!
  • Write everything down! Don't assume you will remember it, just go ahead and write!

Are You an Auditory Learner?

  • Read and study assignment aloud! This will help you remember things and help add it to your memory.
  • Tape lectures! This will help you re-listen to the teacher and take better notes to go off of.
  • Try to seat at the front of the class! Nothing is wrong with the front of the class, this will help you hear better and focus on what the teacher is talking about.

Still Lost?

  • Study with a friend!
  • Get sleep to regain energy and have focus to study!
  • Use time management and do whatever it takes to learn the material even if people call you silly!
  • Ask questions! Teachers shouldn't mind questions, it shows that you care about what your learning.
  • Pay attention to what you lack in the most!