Japanese 2 - Lesson 4

Week of 2/8- 2/12

Items Due This Week:

The assignments listed below are deliverable items to be submitted by the end of the day they are due.

Monday: Lesson 4 Vocabulary Assignment

Wednesday: Lesson 4 Cultural Discussion (you must submit your own post and respond to 2 of your classmates' postings for full credit.)

Thursday: Lesson 4 Speaking Assignment

Friday: Lesson 4 Vocabulary Quiz + Lesson 4 Grammar Quiz

Remember to Attend 2 Coaching Sessions This Week!

If you need to make up any coaching sessions from last week, they must be made them up this week. Check the coaching schedule below and pick a make up time that will work for you.

You can attend multiple coaching sessions in a day if needed.

Submit L4 Vocabulary Assignment Today

Please submit your Lesson 4 vocabulary assignment today. You will create a multimedia presentation using a source like PowerPoint, Google Slides or Prezi.

Be sure that your audio can be heard/is properly embedded if you choose to use PowerPoint. I recommend using prezi.com to create a presentation online using a FREE account to avoid audio problems. If I can't hear your recordings, I can't give you credit for them. :(

Progress Reports

  • Progress reports will be sent to all schools this week.
  • If you have overdue assignments, they must be submitted by Monday evening in order to be factored in to your progress report grade.
  • All assignments from lessons 1 - 3 should already be submitted. Any assignments that are submitted late are subject to point deductions for being overdue.
  • Check your due date calendar daily to help you stay on pace.
Click Here for the Due Date Calendar

The Due Date Calendar lists all assignments for the course and when they are due. If you have not already printed a copy - please do so and post it somewhere you see it every day to make sure you are keeping up with your assignments.

Start Module 1, Lesson 4 Today

From the left hand toolbar, navigate to Course Modules > Module > M1. L4. Lesson 4 to see this week's materials

You will want to visit the following links under Lesson 4 today:

  • Overview
  • Video, Audio, Japanese Text, English Translation

You'll also want to carefully review the lesson 4 vocabulary and grammar notes. Links below for easy references.

Take your time to carefully review the material. I recommend watching the video below several times today and pausing after each line to repeat what was previously said aloud so you can practice your pronunciation.

どう です か。

どう です か can be translated to “How is it?”

By preceding どう です か with a noun & the topic marker は you can form the question: “How about ______?”

がっこう は どう です か。 How is school?

チョコレート は どう です か。 How about chocolate?

いちじ ごろ は どう です か。 How about around 1:00?

You can take this a step further and use でした (past tense of です) to say "was" and ask "How was it?"

しゅうまつはどうでしたか。How was the weekend?

スーパーボウルのハーフタイムショーはどうでしたか。How was the Super Bowl halftime show?

パーティーはどうでしたか。How was the party?

Mid Term Project

Japanese 2 has no Mid Term Exam, but we do have a Mid Term Project. Today would be a great day to start work on your slides from lessons 1-3.

  • You can find all of the information about your Mid Term Project by going to the Course Projects link on your left hand navigational toolbar in Blackboard.
  • You will need to create a multimedia presentation that covers the course material in lessons 1 - 7 with one slide per lesson.
  • Each slide will include 4 sentences demonstrating your knowledge of the use of the grammar and vocabulary learned in each lesson.
  • Type each of your 4 sentences on the slide. No English or Romaji can be used in any part of the project.
  • Record yourself saying each sentence you wrote.
  • Include an image that goes along with what you're talking about on the slide.

Your Mid Term Project is due on March 17, 2016. Please plan accordingly!

Peer Tutoring Center

The *FREE* Peer Tutoring Center has peer tutors available to help all Japanese 2 students with their coursework. Peer tutors can answer questions or help tutor students who need help with their course material. Click the button below to try it out today!
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Sending a shout out to Hannah G. who sent me a great video this weekend on サンプル, or display food that is used in many Japanese restaurants to entice customers to eat there based on the look of the display. These elaborate displays are not edible - they are typically made of plastic. A link to a short Wikipedia article about these elaborate displays can be found below. Here is a picture of a display case from a Japanese restaurant in Toronto I visited last year.
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Click here to learn more about サンプル

This link is optional and is not required reading.

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