Norfolk Jr. High

By:Crystal Hayes

By Crystal Hayes

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My Favorite app is Facebook. It’s a blog about you and things you like and it gives you a chance to meet new people and become friends with new people. I am on Facebook daily! I use it all the time! It’s a great way to communicate with friends that you can’t talk to in person. Some things on Facebook is stupid, but it’s cool. and you make a timeline about you and then it’s your page.

school uniforms

Side 1: I believe all students should wear school uniforms (3 minute free type)
i think its a good reason because so people wear inappropriate things to school. like for girls they wear to low shirts,and shorts and skirts that are too short. and like guys the open tank-tops i think are stupid and inappropriate.and then nobody is getting bullied for what they wear.

Side 2: I believe all students should not wear school uniforms (3 minute free type)
i think its a bad idea because then you don't look the same as everyone else! some people might not like the school uniforms or they might just feel uncomfortable in uniforms.and you would have to dress up in uniforms every day. and it would just be weird!


Topic: One Direction

they formed in London,England

all of them are from England but niall. he is from Ireland.

Harry is the youngest. Louis is the oldest.

they write pop music.

each one of them auditioned for the X Factor. then came together.

the members names are.... Louis,Liam,Niall,Harry,Zayn

how they formed

how did they meet

what inspired them to write music

1. the band memeber,Harry came up with the name One Direction

2. harry didn't only want to be a singer,he also wanted to be a lawyer!

3. Harry and Louis share a house.

4. Liam is incredibly afraid of spoons!

5. As of January 26th 2012 Harry has the most followers on Twitter!

6. Zayns name is originally spelled zaine but he changed it.

7. Harry can play the kazoo!

8. Harrys first word was cat

9. All of the band members have matching friendship bracelets.

10. Harry hates olives.

11. Zayns favorite food

12. When Harry was younger he got kicked out of a market store for swearing!!!

13. Harry knows how to knit!

14. Niall is a natural brunette!

15. Zayn has a tattoo of his grandpas name across his chest.

Specific Sources of Information: One direction facts.

nursery rhyme

One little, two little, three little Indians
Four little, five little, six little Indians
Seven little, eight little, nine little Indians
Ten little Indian boys.
Ten little, nine little, eight little Indians
Seven little, six little, five little Indians
Four little, three little, two little Indians
One little Indian boy.