Oak Grove February Bulletin

Feb. 6th - 20th

Principal's Notes

Thank you all for writing about what I needed to know about you. My letter to the staff can be viewed below. As I read each letter I was reminded of 2 major themes. First, any strong team includes people with a variety of strengths, weaknesses, and motivations that precisely combine at the right time around a common purpose. Second, everyone has a story. Each person's unique story blends with their team then the campus to create the Oak Grove story. Please take time in the morning, during recess, or over lunch to learn more about those stories. You may gain some insight into your students and colleagues. This time of year can be difficult for many reasons. We need to challenge and support each other to keep Oak Grove moving forward. It will take hard work and continued commitment from every person, every day. We used this period last year to help our students grow more than students from 44 other schools. We have only scratched the surface of our students' ability.
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What I want you to know about me.

letter to the staff from Harold

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