Anna Beamer, Zachary Pagano, Stephanie Bunce, and Tait W.

Bobsleigh Sport Information

-On a bobsled you compete on an ice track and you can go up to ninety miles per hour.

-You can ride on a two-man bobsled or a four-man bobsled.

-You go faster than you would on a car on the road.

-The sleighs speed depends on its weight aerodynamics aerodynamics carry it down the slope.

-The sleds are made of fiberglass and must adhere to strict size and weight restrictions.

-A driver steers the sled by pulling one rope with his right hand to go right or a separate rope with his left hand to go left.

-The second member of the two-person team is the brakeman.

-Always the last person in the sled, he or she pulls up on the brake, lowering a piece of metal into the ice to stop the sled after the run.

Bobsled Competitions

-The bobsled Olympic debut was a four-man event at the 1924 Winter Games.

-The two-man event was added to the Olympics in 1932.

-The first women bobsled race was held in 2002.

-Each nation may enter a maximum of two sleds in each event.

-The gold winners for men in the 2014 Olympics were Russia's Alexey Voevoda and Alexander Zubkov

-The silver winners for men in the 2014 Olympics were Switzerland's Alex Baumann and Beat Hefti

-The bronze winners for men in the 2014 Olympics were the United States' Steven Holcomb and Steven Langton