The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Michael Parker


The author text stucture shows that walter mittys character is miss treated, tolaraent, and quiet

Walter Mitty is mistreated

Walter Mitty Is mistreated by everyone he meets. They all make fun of him for what he does. His wife is not very nice to him. She controls him. People make fun of him because of what he cannot do.
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Walter Mitty is Tolerant

Walter Mitty is tolerant, his wife is mean to him and he has to take it. She tells him to do this do that dont drive to fast. She constantly nags him. Walter can not do anything on his own his wife makes him do what SHE wants.
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Walter Mitty is Quiet

Walter Mitty is a quiet person. He hardly says a word. He is ususally daydreaming and is enjoying his dream world instead of his real life.
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The author's text stucture suggest that Walter Mitty is Quiet, Timid, and Tolerant