800 Meter Dash

By: Samrudhi Mishra

800 Meter Dash

The 800 Meter Dash is a sport in the Summer Olympic's for athletes. They have to run 800 Meters straight, full speed, to win the gold metal. For both men and women, this is a common sport, known as a middle distance running event. It is when you run around the track two times because every track is 400 meters.
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US Olympic Trials 2012 day 4

Scatter Plot

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Women 800 Meter Dash

This shows the Women 800 Meter Dash for the past 10 Olymipics.
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Men 800 Meter Dash

This graph is showing the times for the Men 800 Meter Dash over 40 years of Olymipics.
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Men and Women 800 Meter Dash

This graph shows both the Men and Women times(whom ever won gold) for the past 10 Olymic's.

Men are the green coordinates.

Women are the orange coordinates.

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Line of Best Fit

This line shows the line of best fit Men and Women 800 Meter Dash. The Women's coordinates are the yellow "x's" and the Men's are the blue square shaped ones, below the women's, because they are faster than them. This is showing that the Women are getting slower in every Olympic and the Men are slowly getting faster at the Olympics.
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The ineterestion shows the trends of the lines. The red line is decreasing, which is for Men. That means they are getting faster. The blue line is increasing, which is for Women. That means that the women are getting slower in the Olympics.

At first the Men were slower then the Women, but at the intersection, there rates changed and the Men are decreasing faster, showing it takes them less time to finish the race.


These show the equations for the plotted points for both Men and Women 800 Meter Dash.

X and Y Coordinates Meaning

The X coordinates mean the year the sport was being played in the Olympic's.

The Y coordinates mean the seconds it took for the competitors to finish, getting first place for that Summer Olympic Sport.

2012 London Olympics- Day 8

(picture below)
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