Technology Tidbits

September 2015

Tech PD 4 U

Scheduling tech PD is a challenge this I look at the calendar almost every day has a tech or lit meeting in the am. Please know, I will do my best to spread around the PD-- do some in the am, some in the pm, and maybe sneak some into staff meeting days, so that I try to meet the needs of everyone's schedules. If you ever miss, please feel free to schedule a time to meet with me 1:1.

Schoology Training for New Users October 2nd, 3:20-3:45

We'll get as far as we can on the topics of:

  • class set up
  • features (quizzes, discussion, and paper in/out)

Before you come...please make sure you have created a teacher account.

Te(a)ching in a New Age

This is the name of my new blog. Feel free to check it out every once in a may see you and/or your student's work is featured. This month I chatted about 3 great teacher projects that were "Tech Wins" in my book! I also wrote about an update to one of my favorite tools (Google Forms.) I will always post my new posts on Twitter so follow me there if you want to hear about new updates (@kbelluspenz)...or check back every week or so. And please share your tech/teaching wins with me, so I can feature you...otherwise I will just have to start making things up ;)

Te(a)ching in New Age


A lot of teachers have been asking about taping videos (to share with their students) from their iPad. The best way we've found to do this is to use youtube capture. Youtube capture will not only let you capture your videos, but allows basic editing, and easily shares the videos to your youtube channel (yes, we all have a youtube accounts through our apps emails.) If you are looking to share your video in the safest possible way try I know I have chatted about this before, but this website will allow you to take out all of the ads and other video previews that show up around your main video. You can share this link with students, or even crate a QR code created from the link it provides.

News and Notes

  • Tech meetings are this week and next...I bet you can't wait ;)
  • Several of our students (one in 4th grade and one in 5th grade) have been given the chance to go with other students from around the district and receive Apple PD training, what a great opportunity for them! I know they will represent us well and I can't wait for them to share some of the tools they learned with us!
  • Please remind students (especially in the upper grades) that they are NOT allowed to put passcodes on their iPads.
  • There are specific directions on how students need to connect to the internet at home. If you plan on sending your iPads home with students, please make sure you get sheets from me on how families should do this! There have been a lot of questions from parents (at least in my room), please feel free to forward any questions to me and I'll either help, or seek out answers.

Global Read Aloud--Making Connections One Page at a Time

Another year of Global Read Aloud starts on October 6th. This is a great opportunity to connect with those near and far through reading and technology. Last year the intermediate wing found that the connections within our own building were a powerful piece for the students, in addition to the connections we were able to make on a broader scale. Please check out the GRA site for how the program works and for the books being read in primary and intermediate grades. I've found this is a great tool to introduce students to Twitter, and there are lots of opportunities to skype/blog with other classrooms. Let me know if you need help connecting...I have lots of ideas (even at the building level)!

All About Me

If you would like any additional information on anything you see in this flier, please feel free to contact me!