National Youth Administration

June 26, 1935

What did this program help and how

New Deal agency in the United States that focused on providing work and education for Americans between the ages of 16 and 25.


This program did help a lot of the unemployed and gave the teens/young adult a job and improve the produce.

My understanding

This program help me under the Great Depression. If the teen and young adult need a job just to help their family then they must have a hard life in those 10 years

This is a relief form

This program is to give relief for the unemployed. The Youth can have a part time job and possible later get a full job

Are they still around?

This program only last 1939, which was 8 year, then enter the Works Progress Administration.
National Youth Administration NYA

The Video

  • It tell come historical fact like who found it and when
  • It tell how did the program help with the poor
  • The video also talk about how successful it was