Russia's Christmas

May 30th


After the Russian Revolution of 1917, the Bolsheviks banned Christmas celebrations. Many Christmas traditions, such as decorating a fir tree and giving presents, turned into New Year's traditions. Christmas became an official holiday and a non-labor day in Russia in 1991. It began regaining popularity only recently, partially because Russian leaders, starting with Vladimir Putin, annually attend a Christmas liturgy. The Russian Orthodox Church celebrates religious holidays according to the Julian calendar. Russia uses the Gregorian calendar for secular purposes since 1918.

They will celebrate for 40 days long. If Christmas falls on a weekend , the non-labor day moves to the following Monday. Russian authorities can declare national vacation from January 1-10 due to being close to new years. They eat porridge kuti salads vegetables potato's tomatoes mushrooms honey with poppy seeds wheat cookies bread.

Some Russia 's customs and traditions are they decorate a fir tree.They celebrate with family dinner.They eat meat for 40 days.They also place the first star.

Like the United states , Russia also exchange gifts, they exchange gifts on December 31st.Children receive gifts like small toys. Chocolate and flowers make good gifts for women. Men receive gifts like cuff links.

The first star is a traditional symbol used to represent Christmas in Russia, They decorate using light wood ornaments.They decorate a fir tree .To support their military they make ribbons.

Russia has their own version of Santa.They call him Ded Moroz or father frost.He leaves gifts like to US Santa. In Russia Santa wears a blue coat instead of red.

Michael Bogart