Welcome to Halcyon!

Eveline, we are so excited that you are joining Grade 8!


We look forward to welcoming you to Halcyon London International School on Monday, April 28 at 9AM. Please come to 33 Seymour Place, W1H 5AU.

On Monday, you will have an orientation which will include: a technology orientation with Miss Dutton and Mrs. Crannell. After the technology introduction, you will be given a timetable, locker and a more detailed tour of the school. You will also be introduced your new class and advisory group!

Grade 8 Class

Hi, I'm Kieran

I speak fluent German and like cars.

I'm German and Australian.

Hello, I'm Mavi (Maria-Vittoria)

I am from Italy, and I really like art & music.

I am going to be your Halcyon Ambassador, when you arrive. Look forward to showing you Halcyon!

Hi, I'm Eric

Raawwr, says the flamigo!

I'm from the US.

Hi, I'm Katie

I like to paint and listen to music.

I'm from the US.

I am going to be your Halcyon Ambassador, when you arrive. Look forward to showing you Halcyon!

Hi, I'm Nathan

I speak fluent German as well (Eric doesn't!)

I'm German.

Hi I'm Kristina

I'm Russian. I speak 4 languages and like art and music.

Hi, I'm Kit

I speak English and American and Australian and I am very good at doing a posh accent...very much good!

I'm from the UK.

Hi, I'm Emily

Welcome to Halcyon. I think you'll love it here!

I'm from Australia.

(I am relatively new-- I started at Halcyon in January, and I am here to help with anything you need!)

Hello, I'm Ethan

I like to make people laugh.

I'm from the US. (Alexi is my twin sister!)

Hello, I'm Fra

I am Italian and I like awful teen literature!

Hi, I'm Alexi (people call me Lexi)

I can juggle and am from the US.

(Ethan is my twin brother!)

Welcome to your new Advisory Group: Owl Man!

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We are your new advisory group! (From the left) Kit, Allegra, Chris, Charlie, Scott, Rachel, Alexi, and Celia, all welcome you to Halcyon! Stephanie Cooke is your new Advisory Group leader.

You will notice something cool about our advisory groups at Halcyon: they are 'vertically integrated' -- that means that for example, Celia, Charlie and Rachel are in Grade 9, while Scott, Alexi and Kit are in Grade 8 and Allegra and Chris are in Grade 7. Pretty cool!

Hello Eveline, I am Stephanie Cooke, your new Advisory Group Leader

Hi Eveline-- I am your new Advisory Group Leader as well as your Humanities teacher. I'm from the UK, and will be here to help you with anything you need. Look forward to having you join our Advisory Group and my class!

Your daily Schedule

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Times of the day:

While your Orientation commences at 0900, the school day starts with registration at 0845-0900 everyday.

Registration: 0845-0900

Period 1: 0900-0945

Period 2: 0945-1030

Morning Break: 1030-1050

Period 3: 1050-1135

Period 4: 1135- 1220

Lunch & Break (Period 5): 1220-1320

Period 6: 1320-1405

Period 7: 1405-1450

Period 8: 1450-1535

The school day concludes at 1535.

After school activities will commence at 1545-1645.

After School Activities for Term 3

  • Drama Club - Mondays (£12/session)

  • String quartet & Violin - Mondays (price arranged with the violin tutor)

  • GIN Club - Wednesdays

  • Debate Club - Thursdays

  • Running Club - Thursdays

  • Choir & Singing - Thursdays (£15/session)

There will also be lots of lunch-time activities too!

Welcome to Halcyon

Remember: Your Zip Oyster Card to travel

All students will need a Zip Oyster Card for travelling on school trips and it will be useful for commuting to and from school. Halcyon is committed to sustainability and we encourage the use of London's vast and efficient public transport system. Let us know if you have any questions about how to get an Oyster card!

Hello Eveline, we are Halcyon Staff!

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We all look forward to meeting you and working with you!

From the left:

1. Gareth Jones (Maths/Science)

2. Lori Fritz (Science/Maths)

3. Noelia Zago (Spanish)

4. Mia Rosengren (Admissions Coordinator & Mr. Hedger's PA)

5. Michelle Jones (English)

6. Lenny Dutton (Librarian/Design Teacher)

7. Emily Drew (Receptionist)

8. Oisin Byrne (PE Coordinator)

9. Sue Dance (Art)

10. Mei-Ling Lin (Mandrin)

11. Terry Hedger (Director)

12. Stephanie Cooke (Humanities)

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to email us!

Find out more about us here: http://halcyonschool.com/our-staff