By: Holly S.

What is a Paleontologist?

A paleontologist is a person that will study fossil remains of prehistoric animals, plants, and insects. They will see how this how the animals lived and its ways of survival. They will study the plants and how they grew and if the animals and insects ate it or not. Paleontologists will study the ways things adapted to new surroundings, weather, or predictors and/or prey.

Education necessary for a paleontologist.

When you go to collage to become an paleontologist you will need a bachelor's degree. For that you will have to go to school for four years, without taking classes the summer, at the minimum. If you do take classes during your summer time collage will go by much faster.

Money earned a yeas as a Paleontologist.

$82,500 is the average of what a paleontologist will make a year. $39.66 is the average one will make in a hour. This is not counting working extra or anything else.

Environmental relationship between the environment and a Paleontologist.

They study it's past and what happened of are environmental. They learn about the living creatures of our past. They learn about the way the land used to be in the prehistoric times. They will see how the plants and insects effected the land. They see where the water was the deepest or where old body's of water used to be. They will see how the past of are land was like.

Advantages to being a paleontologist.

Some of the advantages of being a paleontologist is you can see first hand what are past was like. Paleontologists will also get to travel around the world to different locations to get fossils. While they are traveling to country some times they cant leave right away so they have time to see that country and explore it.

Disadvantages of being a Paleontologist

They spend countless hours in super hot or freezing weather. They have to search for these fossils and sometimes it fails other its successful The things they study the bones or remains with cost a lot of money and use a lot of energy.

What They look for in the bones.

Paleontologist look for certain things in and on the bones they find. They look for the tiniest ridges in the bones. They also look in side the bones for any kind of past disease, that would attack the bones of certain dinosaurs. They also saw how strong or weak there bones were and see where there strength were.