Commercial Fishermen

Kyle Mendoza

Tasks and Duties

A commercial fisherman is someone who catches and traps various types of marine life. The fish they catch are for human and animal consumption, bait and other uses.

Salary range for the top 10% would be close to $60,000 a year. You don't need any formal education to do this job. Some skills you might need would be you need to physically be able to endure the hard long days and also endure it mentally. You don't need to have any additional education but as with any job the more education the better chances you might at getting a job. The average number of hours you do in a day would be close to 15-20 because of the tasks you must do constantly. The amount of physical activity you must do is brutal and is not for the average person. The working conditions are some of the harshest of any job you can think of because the boats are constantly pitching from side to side the whole time and in some parts popular fishing spots its below freezing outside. Do be able to do this job you would need to have a dedicated attitude and a love for hard work. The employment trends for this job is going down because of the tremendous amount of hard, stressful duties you need to do everyday. This job could appeal to anyone who enjoys working hard for their money and enjoys the sense of fishing all day and get paid to do that.