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December 11, 2015


  • Monday, December 14- Discovery HS- JA Biz Town (Byrnes & Evans)
  • Monday, December 14- PTSA Executive Board- Conference Room- 6:00-7:00pm
  • Monday, December 14- Board of Directors (Committee Members/Chairs)- Conference Room- 7:00-8:00pm
  • Tuesday, December 15- Discovery HS- JA Biz Town (Hicks Team)
  • Tuesday, December 15- 6th Grade Orchestra Concert- Cafeteria- 6:15-6:45pm
  • Tuesday, December 15- 7th/Honor Orchestra- Cafeteria- 7:30-8:00pm
  • Wednesday, December 16- Discovery HS-JA Biz Town (Coleman Team)
  • Wednesday, December 16- EOC Testing- Abbott only- Analytic Geometry
  • Thursday, December 17- DDA Post Tests/Final Exams
  • Thursday, December 17- PLC Dessert Extravaganza
  • Thursday, December 17- FFMS vs. Trickum (Away)- Parkview High Shcool 5:00-7:00pm
  • Friday, December 18- DDA Post Tests/Final Exams
  • Friday, December 18- Discovery HS JA Biz Town
  • Friday, December 18- Tri- M Caroling, 9:00-10:00am
  • Friday, December 18- FFMS Winter Break Parties- Classrooms- 3:15-3:55pm
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  • Dr. Tatum has visited the school over the past two weeks and continues to be so impressed with the work taking place at Five Forks! She said, "I love coming to Five Forks!" A huge thank you to the following teachers for opening up their classrooms and allowing us to visit: Mr. Linton, Mr. Cogdill, Ms. Green, Ms. Holloway, Ms. Hicks, Mrs. Jones, Mrs. Rafferty, Mrs. Kimbrell, and Mrs. Kuny! Way to go!!!
  • Monday evening's 6th and 7th grade Band Concerts were incredible. Again, a huge shout out to Mr. Cogdill for his incredible leadership in preparing our students!
  • Tuesday evening gave our 6-8 grade Chorus students another chance to SHINE BRIGHT as they sang their hearts out in a combined concert with Crews and Brookwood HS at Mt. Zion! Ms. Green has done a fantastic job with our Chorus students!
  • Our basketball teams had HUGE success last Saturday when both the girls and boys' teams won their games against Moore MS. It got a little crazy for a moment during the boys game, but we came out on top! Way to go to all of our coaches--Erickson, Duncan, Massey, O'Connor, and Linton!
  • Our cheerleaders continue to have outstanding performances! Even with a reduction in squad, Ms. Evans' girls were awesome!
  • The Spirit Link sales have been fantastic this year. The best part is our united desire to "beat Crews" and raise money for Relay for Life!
  • Thank you all of our Language Arts teachers, Jeni Greene, Rachel Kusher, Laura Ross, and Danielle Ballew for helping to get all of the required GTES and Health Surveys DONE! Check!!!!!
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The winners of our Ugly Sweater Contest are....

COUNT ME IN AWARD... Monica Brown

Monica always makes time for anyone who needs her help, even if she's already very busy. She dedicates herself to making others' days brighter, and she always has a friendly word to give. Monica has truly transformed the media center into the Heart of FFMS. She assists teachers in amazing lessons and helps to spread the shared vision of technology and eClass usage throughout the school. She is willing to help out in every aspect of the school's needs. Thank you Monica, for all that you do for the staff and students of FFMS.
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Eggciting Stuff!

Tracy Senker used the STEAM lab this week to complete an investigation using eggs to demonstrate the process of Osmosis. Students placed the eggs into vinegar and made predictions about what would happen to the eggs and why. After a few days, students returned to the eggs and took some measurements and made some observations on the eggs. Students then had to infer as to what happened to the eggs and explain the process of osmosis through the egg's cell membrane. Several units were covered in this one experiment, spiraling the Life Science curriculum throughout the entire lab. At the conclusion of the experiment, students were able to not only describe the process of Osmosis, they were able to witness it first hand!

Gone Google!

This week Susan Coyle and Alice Schubele had students complete an activity on Google Slides. Their students researched some "strange and mysterious" topics, and then they put Their findings into a Google Slide Show. While they were working, the two teachers were able to look at student work on their computers and "comment" giving them kudos and/or feedback! This was such a beneficial tool for students as well as teachers, and it greatly epitomized the use of formative assessment! Welcome to Google, Susan!


November eClass Winner!

Congratulations to Michael Linton for being our November eClass winner. Michael had an average of 579 minutes and an average of 9 log ins over the four weeks of November for a total of 64 minutes per log in. Michael wins a "clicker" for his hard work! Way to go! All of our eClass pages are having HIGH log in and minutes with tremendous work. You all continue to amaze me daily at what you do, thank you!


Please remember to turn off all tech in your classroom over the upcoming breaks, such as printers and student work stations in your classroom . It is also a good idea to take your laptop home with your, or make sure that you have it placed in a locked cabinet or desk for extra safety.

Did you know that Mrs. Brown has started a Blog? Check out what is happening in our very own FFMS Media Center!


Today more than 1.76 billion candy canes are made for the holidays, enough to stretch from Santa Claus, Indiana, to North Pole, Alaska, and back again 32 times!!



5- Rachel Kusher

7- Carol McGraw

9- Anjali Tripathi

10- Anna Sullivan

10- Elaine Ferguson

12- Diane Folio

18- Kaylee Buschell

27- Keith Oldknow

27- Andrew Whatley