The Red Retreat.

Need to get away from earth? Mars is proabbly far enough

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The Red Escape.

Need to getaway from earth for a while? tired of seeing the same old sights? well we've got you sorted for only $200,000, you can tavel all the way to mars to experience the "Red Planet." and all of its beautiful sights. The 6 1/2 month trip will take you across the vast distance between earth and mars seeing the beautiful stars and other intergalactic sights. the trip will stop over at the international space station for 3 short days where you can see how the scientists work out there.

The Red Tour

Want to experience mars and all of its features? well you can, on the red tour *. an experienced mars tour guide will take you on an adventure you could never forget; in our new and improved bubble balls, with there own gravity (because the gravity is only a 3rd of what is on earth) and oxygen tanks.
*Cost included in the red escape price.

Visit to The International Space Station

Whilst in transit, we will be visiting the international space station. While there, we will be living just like the astronauts. on the second day of the visit, you will be attached to a wire in a space suit and be able to discover the exterior of the station.
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What to Expect when you Visit "The Martian Planet"?

When visiting mars, there a lot of things to expect. Space travel is a dangerous and time consuming adventure and can lead to many issues; but it can also be the greatest thing you've ever done. Mars is a very cold place with temperatures ranging from -60 degrees Celsius to 20 degrees Celsius, these drastic weather changes can cause dust storms which you would be completely safe from in your suite. there is also no oxygen on mars, but don't worry from the second you get there your fitted with an air tank and a space suit to keep you safe from the radiation. there is only a third of gravity on mars compared to earth so you will be able to bounce a more freely.