Mrs. Zavernik's Class Newsletter

September 11, 2015

Important Reminders!

Week 2 is through!

We are officially "diving" in to our curriculum! Your children are working hard! We have been practicing how to TRANSITION quickly between tasks and are working on staying on task while we're learning. Here are some important reminders for you!

*This year we're using Schoology as our "planner" Please check it daily for homework. YOu can create a parent account to actually LINK your child's work to you so that you are aware of what is expected as homework!

*Your child has a "To be LEFT at home" & a "Bring RIGHT back" side to their folders! Please be aware of this as you're helping them unload each night!

*iPads are to come to school EVERY day, fully charged

*NO additional apps are permitted on the iPads

*NEXT week is early release (Tuesday Schedule)


Our classroom behavior system is called TICKET TRADER and your child should be able to explain the process to you....

Here are the basics:

Each student gets 15 tickets every week.

  • He/She can lose tickets for: being unprepared, not following the TIMBERTAIL WAY, incomplete homework, behavior or any other inappropriate actions. If he/she loses 3 tickets in 1 day, a minor referral is written and will come home.
  • At the end of each week, students are rewarded for the tickets that they have! D.E.T. where the class get up to 20 minutes of "FREE" time to use their devices, play board games or socialize with others in the class. This time is earned depending on how many tickets are left!

**I do not expect students to be perfect! Students can lose up to 2 tickets and still receive all 20 minutes of D.E.T!**

If you have any questions please let me know!

Here's What We've Been Learning...

Math-This week we started learning about the different forms of numbers:

-Standard Form (4,235)

-Word Form (Four Thousand, two hundred thirty five)

-Expanded Form (4,000+200+30+5)

We also talked about rounding numbers...

Something to keep in mind: Your children should be coming home with a math sheet for homework just about every night! You should be able to check the folder to make sure it's done!

ELA-We started talking about what makes a good writer, and brainstormed a lot of different ideas we could write about.

We also reviewed the expectations for our "rounds" of reading! Your child should be reading a GOOD FIT BOOK!

S.S: Our first unit is government!

Spelling: We're pre-assessing word sort groups next week!

Next week Monday: We'll be taking our FALL MAP READING TEST!

Mrs. Zavernik

4th Grade Teacher

Forest Glen Elementary

"Don't Be Afraid To Be Yourself..."ie"