Tom Brady

By.Amya Steger

Why Tom Brady is famous

Tom Brady is famous for being a quarterback for the 3 Super Bowl winning team the patriots.

Harvard stadium.

That's where Tom Brady did lots of his charity work.

Las Angeles California.

That's where he married Gisele Bundchen in 2009.

San Mateo California.

San Mateo California is where Tom Brady was born.

Randy Moss.

He caught 23 out of 50 of Tom Brady's passes and he is a good friend of Toms
  • Tom led the Patriots in the Super Bowl.
  • Brady has three older sisters.
  • He is called the little Brady.
  • Tom Brady was born on August 3rd 1977.
  • Brady loves to jump rope.

The life lessons in this book were...

Believe in yourself and don't let others shoot you down.

Tom Brady

By. Marty Gitlin.