Be our country's next executive member

The Members of the Executive Branch

The 3 possible positions for you in the executive are: President. Vice President, and the Cabinet. These positions were created in the purpose of carrying out the laws.

What you'll need to know................


(Our current president today is Barack Obama.) The President is the "man in charge," if you get things done , efficiently and correctly and have great ideas on how to make America stronger, then you should definitely consider running for president. A term for a president is 4 years. However, if you are appreciated, the people could re-elect you and you have another term of 4 more years.

(Examples) Roles and Responsibilities

  • Chief of state / awarding college scholarships / greets White House visitors.
  • Chief executive / appoints head CIA members / holds cabinet meetings.
  • Chief administrator / controls nation's budget.
  • Chief diplomat / writes letters to Soviet Union / travels to foreign nations.
  • Commander in chief / inspects navy yards / makes major wartime decisions.
  • Chief legislator / signs bills of congress / makes speeches in congress.
  • Chief of party /decides on members of cabinet / nominates parties to the senate.
  • Chief citizen / making public speeches letting the country know whats going on.

The cabinet

The cabinet is the part or the executive that deals with issues assigned by the President that are in their area of "expertise." A term for a member of cabinet also has a term as long as the president who appointed them. However, they can also be fired by the President as well. Members of the cabinet are called secretaries. The cabinet also has separate departments that deal with different issues that you might be interested in pursuing:
  • State
  • Treasury
  • Defense
  • Justice
  • Interior
  • Agriculture
  • Commerce
  • Labor
  • Health/ human services
  • Housing and urban development
  • Transportation
  • Education
  • Energy
  • Veteran affairs
  • Homeland security
  • White house chief and staff
  • Environmental protection agency
  • Office of management and budget
  • U.S trade representatives
  • U.S mission to the united nations
  • Council of the economic advisers
  • Small business administration


  • They are the Presidents closest confidants
  • Running federal agencies
  • Head of Justice dept: Attorney General
  • Are next in line for presidency after the senate President pro tempore.

Vice President

(Our current vice president today is Joe Biden.) The Vice President doesn't have a lot of power compared to the President. However, in the case of a tie in the senate, you would step in to break the tie. The term length is the same as the President's. Lastly, if you believe in the way the senate is run you might be interested in Vice President because you would be the president of it.


  • Filling in as President when the President is injured or unable to continue in office.
  • Supports the President
  • President of the senate
  • Advisors