Alaska Hawiaii

Non-contiguous States

Capitals/major cites

Alaska- Jueno

Hawaii- Honalulu

Major cites

Alaska- Fairbanks, Anchorage, Eagle River

Hawaii- Pearl City, Manan, Katilua

Geological Features/Overall Climate

Alaska geological features-

Alaska mountain range, Alaskan peninsula, Brooks mountain range

Hawaii geological features-

Volcanos-mauna Loa, Mewna Kea, Kohala

Alaska overall climate- Summer (60 to 80 degrees)/ Night/early (40 to 50)degress

Highest temp (100)degress at fort Yukon on June, 27, 1915

Lowest temp (-79.8 degress) at prospect creek on January 23,1971

Hawaii overall climate- November-April high of 81 and low of 65 degress. June-October daily high of 84 degress and lows of 70 degress.

Major landmarks/natural resources

Hawaii major landmarks-

U.S.S Arizona memorial dedicated in 1962, Al moana center the largest shopping mall in Hawaii and is currently the largest open-air shopping center in the world.

Alaska major landmarks-

Golden north hotel a ghost that employes say it appears in a ghostly image, Aniakhak crater the crater formed during a major eruption in 1695 B.C most recent eruption in 1931.

Alaska Natural resources- Natural gas, coal, oil, gold, other

Hawaii Natural resources- Coal, sugarcane, other

Brief History

Alaska- Alaska first people about 15,000 years ago using the land bridge theory bringing the American migration group. The second migration across land bridge brought the NaDene and Eskimo-Aleut. They arrived about 12,000 BP. They move through the north to populate Alaska and Canada. The last ice age ended and sea levels converd the Bering, land bridge, leaving the Americans Isolated.

Hawaii- Euopeans first arrives in 1778. The arrival of explores began, a chain of events that nearly destroyed the Kanaka Macli culture. Kanaka Macli had shared their land with each other and had no idea of owning part of papa, the earth mother. Western concept of land was implemented in the "great Mahele" and the land was divided for private ownership. This disenfranchised Kanaka Macli making them landless in their homeland.

Fun facts

There are only 12 letters in the Hawaiian alphabet (vowels A E I O U) consonants H K L M N P W

Hawaii is the widest state

The Kilavea is the world most active volcano

In 2013 1.96 million people visited Alaska and Hawaii is the only state the grows coffee

Is there an animal in the Alaskan Flag?