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Does Obesity Lead to Worse Outcomes in COVID-19 infection?

42.4% of our population is obese. In 2000, it was 30.5%. This is not people who are overweight (BMI of less than 30), they're obese (BMI greater than 30). Not many people want to face this and yet everyone needs to, now more than ever! Why, you ask? Well, let's ask another question.

Does obesity lead to worse outcomes in COVID-19 infection?

A study that was recently conducted in New York looked into this very aspect. After analyzing data from 3615 patients, the authors concluded that in patients aged less than 60 years with a BMI (Body Mass Index) 30-34 were twice as likely to be admitted to acute care and 1.8 times more likely to be admitted to critical care when compared to patients with a BMI <30. The patients aged less than 60 years with a BMI of ≥ 35 were 2.2 times more likely to be admitted to acute care and 3.6 times more likely to require critical care. Potentially complicating the care of patients suffering from obesity is the fact that management of their airways may be more difficult.

The more overweight you are, the more fat you're carrying, the less fit you are and the lower your lung capacity. This means it is a bigger struggle to get oxygen into the blood and around the body. This impacts on the heart and blood flow too.

"Because people are more overweight, they also have a demand for more oxygen. So that means their system is actually undergoing greater pressure," says Prof Naveed Sattar, from the University of Glasgow.

During an infection like coronavirus, this can be serious.

"Eventually the obese body becomes overwhelmed by the lack of oxygen getting to the major organs," says Dr Dyan Sellayah, from the University of Reading.

That is one reason why overweight and obese people in intensive care are more likely to need assistance with breathing and support with kidney function.

More than a third of the country is suffering from obesity. This study sheds light on the possible vulnerability of this population to severe COVID-19 infection.

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Where do You Stand?

Calculating your BMI (Body Mass Index) is simple using a person's height and weight. To calculate your BMI start by dividing weight in pounds (lb) by height in inches (in) squared and multiplying by a conversion factor of 703. When using a handheld calculator, if your calculator has a square function, divide weight (lb) by height (in) squared, multiply by 703, and round to one decimal place.

Formula: 703 x weight (lbs) / [height (in) x (height in)]

A BMI of 25.0 or more is overweight, a BMI of 30.0 or more is obese, while the healthy range is 18.5 to 24.9.

Your Next Steps...

I know that not many people want to face this reality and often many feel that knowing where and when to start can be overwhelming.

The Good News?

Functional Health is here to help you with all those uncertainties. All you have to do is commit to a healthier life NOW. In these uncertain times when many things are out of our control, the one thing you can control is your health.

Currently, our office is offering a COVID-19 Protection Consultation. If you are interested in seeing where you stand, please reach out to our office at 908-722-0500 and schedule an appointment.

Additionally, commit to joining our next group of participants in 8 Weeks to Wellness. Functional Health's 8 Week to Wellness program is here to help with all your health needs and goals. With our 8 Weeks to Wellness program you will receive an initial health screening with lab work now including the COVID-19 Protection Consultation. From there we will talk about your overall health goals and recommended supplement and/or vitamins to achieve optimal success. Finally, you will receive catered meal plans that fit your nutritional needs, chiropractic adjustments, weekly massages and personalized training sessions to help you work out to a better you. (All CDC guidelines followed)

Spaces are filling up. Call today to reserve your spot.

8WW at Functional Health

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Helping Our Community Food Bank

A message from Somerville YMCA:

This week, we were alerted by Community FoodBank of NJ that they are having challenges sourcing food—something we're learning is a common challenge across the country today. We are therefore calling upon our community to help our neighbors in need. We humbly ask, if you are able, to provide a pre-constructed food security box/bag. Below is a list of items needed in each box/bag. Please ensure items are sealed/unopened and non-perishable.

Let’s pool together & help our community! If you can’t this week, consider signing up for a box next week.

Sign up on the Link Below.

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